Upcoming ICO in July by Digital Developers Fund


Another interesting ICO is coming soon this month. Digital Developers Fund has just announced its fundraising campaign, starting from July 10, 2017. Established as “Domain Developers Fund” in 2010, under the Cayman Islands Mutual Fund Law, the company has continuously been investing in digital assets since inception.

Digital Developers Fund – Owning Over 1,500 Domain Names

One of the factors that has contributed to develop investors’ interest towards this ICO lies in the company’s holding of 1,540 high value domain names including:

  • Audits.com
  • Swords.com
  • Exhibitions.com
  • PR.uk
  • Vast portfolio of country.net names like Belgium.net or Spain.net

In addition, the platform has already got chart leading sales, for instance., cars.net for USD170,000.

DDF to Raise Impressive Investment Again…

In view of the increasing and magnificent investment opportunities being seen in the digital assets and crypto currencies market, the company rebranded its name as “Digital Developers Fund”. The company is expected to raise huge investment funds using its upcoming Ethereum-based token sale ICO, where sales proceeds of around $60 million USD and a CAP of 247,500,000 tokens are targeted by the company to achieve.

More about the ICO…

The DDF ICO is set to commence next week for the duration of 30 days. 70 percent of the funds raised from the token sale will be used for portfolio investment. 15 percent will be kept for reserve funds, while the rest of the 15 percent will be used for funding the operations.

Investors will also able to participate in this growth from digital assets.

Upcoming Webinar

In a Webinar on Thursday, July 6th, 2017, Michael Marcovici, the fund’s director, will give a background on investing in digital assets and explain the upcoming ICO. Interested investors can sign up for it here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2529924962182976259


Why Ethereum?

We already know that after Bitcoin, Ethereum is the fastest growing digital currency in the blockchain market. Each of these cryptocurrencies; bitcoin and Ethereum, are unique. Bitcoin blockchain tracks ownership of digital currency, while Ethereum blockchain operates the programming code of a decentralized application. This difference leads to huge implications. Instead of being restricted to a single use, Ethereum is used for creating unlimited distributed applications.

DDF believes that Ethereum ICOs are innovative and democratic funding processes, as they generate new crypto tokens and enable their exchange with Ether.

The Dividends & Profits Distribution

Investors involved in DDF ICO are supposed to get quarterly dividends based on net profits, through their smart contract as the Ether Payment. The 50 percent of the profit is to be distributed among investors, while the remaining half will be reinvested.

Investors are eagerly looking forward to this grand ICO. To be updated about the ICO, please check http://www.digitaldevelopersfund.com/




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