Uservice Is a Global Decentralized Blockchain Platform for the Auto Industry

Global blockchain ecosystem Uservice token pre-sale had launched. The aim of the project is to unite and optimize all processes related to the purchasing, operation and maintenance of the car. Today there is a huge number of car platforms. Each of them has certain functions – some sell cars, others check if the car was ever in an accident, others offer assistance in repairs, etc. This separation is not convenient for the car owner. We took this into account and created a unique interactive blockchain ecosystem called Uservice. This separation is not convenient for the car owner. We took this into account and create a unique interactive block system for the Uservice ecosystem. Combining a large number of dealers, car service providers, insurance companies, suppliers of spare parts, and many other platforms of the auto industry, we will achieve the most effective interaction of individual links, combining them into one single chain.

Uservice project is a decentralized online platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, in which the smart-contract system will be used. Ethereum technology makes it possible to register any transactions and operations with cars based on a distributed base of contracts such as blockchain, without using traditional legal procedures. All operations with the car will be transparent, controlled and safe.

Connecting to Uservice platform of car owners, car service centers, insurance companies, banks, state regulators and car manufacturers, we will become a collective market of the “full life cycle of the car”.


By introducing an internal UST token into our ecosystem, we create a mechanism of interaction for the ecosystem participants within a single platform. UST tokens are released in a limited quantity and will be a part of all interactions within the project. We expect that the number of participants of our platform will increase, which means that the cost of the UST token will grow.

The project team has such professionals as Kamil Gadjiev, President of Fight Nights, champion of World Cup in Jiu-Jitsu; Bill Shor, the head of Caspian VC (CVC); Manuk Hergnyan, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, venture investment expert; Vitaly Petrov, racing driver, the 1st Russian racer who stood on the podium of Grand Prix of Formula 1; Batu Hasikov, public figure, multiple world champion in kickboxing.

Userv ice platform is an extension of the largest car service aggregator in Europe – UREMONT.COM, where more than 10,000 service stations have already been united into one system.

  • 60,000 completed repairs in 2017 only
  • Website attendance – 1.5 million users (data by
  • An average of 1478 repairs applications daily=

At the token pre-sale stage, you get a 50% discount on your purchase. To participate in the presale or to learn more about the future platform, you can visit the official website: and in the telegram-chat

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