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Artificial intelligence is gradually taking over various aspects of human life, and no matter how well-intentioned the creators of these highly intelligent machines have been, they continue to elicit mixed feelings from different people. While some are of the opinion that artificial intelligence shouldn’t exist in the first place, others have received it with open hands because of the numerous advantages they offer man.

Artificial intelligence should not be viewed only from the robotic aspect that some see it to be but should be considered with a broader mind with emphasis on how much it has eased humanity’s ways of doing things.

While some narrow artificial intelligence is designed to carry out small tasks like car driving, facial recognition, speech recognition or internet search, the artificial general intelligence (AGI) can perform broader and multiple cognitive functions.

Artificial intelligence has its proper use

According to Forbes, some great examples of areas where artificial intelligence are being used include voice-powered personal assistants (such as Alexa and Siri), self-driving cars that are powered autonomously, suggestive searches, behavioral algorithms, and the rest.

Broadly speaking, artificial intelligence is applied in various areas of life as hospitals, hotels, industrial sector, the military, air transportation, search engines, fiat trading, and more are still being developed in other spheres as the technology evolves further.

There are fears to be conquered

One apparent reason why artificial intelligence has not been fully embraced by all and sundry is that of the fear that it might cause massive job loss as artificial humans take over the jobs manually performed by man. Indeed, the employment of artificial human intelligence has seen some firms embark on staff strength reduction to pave the way for one or two robots to do the job of several men. But should that totally discourage the use of AI? Not at all! There are areas where they are critically needed and where they do not pose the threat of massive job loss.

Why artificial intelligence is needed in cryptocurrency market

As the popularity of Bitcoin and altcoins keeps soaring to the sky and more people are trooping in to get a bite of the pie, there’s a need for a system that allows both professional and amateur traders to have a better grasp of the market and safely invest their hard-earned money with minimal risk. In an environment that is highly volatile, human intelligence may not be enough to do all the critical analyses and predict with precision what could happen next.

Something more advanced is needed to pull information from diverse sources, analyze them and use them in making wise decisions. Q-learning/advanced artificial intelligence is necessary for this terrain. But what would be the gain of users of machine learning technology or artificial intelligence in this environment?

  • It would create more autonomous traders and empower more people financially in the long run
  • Rather than lead job losses, it would encourage more people to confidently invest in the cryptocurrency market
  • It helps you in avoiding unnecessary trading and investment risks
  • It allows people to diversify their portfolios and earn more money
  • It promises a massive return on investment for investors as people gradually embrace it.

Vega Intelligent Solutions to the rescue

Vega Intelligent Solutions has developed Vega AI, an artificial intelligence machine that makes use of a Deep Reinforcement Q-Learning and diverse techniques in generating original algorithms and optimize the ones that are in use in the market at the moment in making decisions that are almost 100% error free.

Vega Intelligent Solutions agrees that certain steps are needed to achieve their set objective. This includes using API service calls to set up several data collection clusters that backfills historical data and equally get real-time data for cryptocurrencies. Other data training information can be derived from twitter feeds, market trends, forum threads as well as trustworthy full articles. Vega AI will be able to create decision trees by training itself through processing and analyzing the data available to it.

With the Natural Language Processing (NLP) in place, users can easily submit free text searches and make sound decisions through evaluating the valuable information they derive from the AI’s brain. Investors and traders can merely ask Vega for cryptocurrency trading and investment advice and in turn get feedback from the AI.

Vega Launches Crowdfund

Vega Intelligent Solutions is currently doing a crowdfund to enable them to raise some funds to complete their project. The crowdfund endsonn December 16, 2017 which is weeks away. To participate, visit the crowdfund page.

Bringing the Vega AI vision to reality requires support from the community and partners that believe in the concept. We are dedicated to win your confidence and stay vigilant as the project progresses. Vega AI, no doubt, is a laudable project that must be supported. Funding could easily rake in a high opportunity in cryptocurrencies alike, because the value of Vega AI is not bound with limitation to create awareness and adopt the true AI. potential.

Go to https://www.vegais.com

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