Veritas Mining ventures into new frontier of cryptocurrencies

Veritas Mining is creating a buzz in the booming industry of cryptocurrency with the launch of its token sale. The company has recently launched its Initial Coin Offering Pre-Sale with 30% Bonus and is welcoming new investors to invest in the future. With its aim to use one of the cheapest eco-friendly and renewable energy to power crypto mining, the company is literally reshaping the way people conduct mining in the crypto universe. The difference between Veritas Mining and most mining operations is that it uses Eco-friendly and renewable energy, but where they stand out is they use crypto-mining as a core source of revenue to build a foundation to build an ecosystem that in turns support each other to provide different sources of revenue. And it is now taking individuals who are interested in joining the cryptocurrency arena from around the world on board.

“We are advocates of shifting the global need for crypto mining towards clean and renewable energy. And we have one of the world’s cheapest at US$0.035 per kWh and we intend to use it to our advantage.” Said Jeremy Tan of Veritas Mining, while talking about the Company’s current goal. “Our Ponos-Mining Program aims to make it quick, easy and educational in terms of Crypto-Mining, allowing everyone to mine with any PC.” He added. For the investors, Veritas Mining is offering several amazing features and lucrative offers to make sure that their investments are fruitful and secure.

In addition, the company is also offering its own wallet with exchange API integrated. This wallet will make the transactions seamlessly easy and quicker than ever before. Moreover, Veritas Mining has also announced its plans to launch its next application called OneMarketStreet. The app will serve as an open ended online marketplace for anyone who wishes to advertise or sell/buy anything.

“More often than not, why most ICOs fail is not because their ideas were not good or feasible, we think that most ICOs fail due to the fact that they run out of capital before they could finish development. It is either a misjudgment of fund requirement or they simply couldn’t hit their soft or hard caps”. Continued Tan as he shared even more on how he plans to steer Veritas Mining, “We intend to exploit our advantage which is our cheap source of clean and renewable energy to build up our foundation and then develop our ecosystem. Thus, allowing us to be sustainable in venturing towards our ultimate goal of making Veritium fungible”.

Veritium token holders will be paid their share of the revenues in Ethereum every quarter for as long as they hold them, forever.

For more information and to become a part of this epic and future-proof ICO today, please visit the website:

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