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The WISEPLAT project is ready to offer its recipes to solve the problems experienced today by blockchain platforms. As early as at the design stage the system included functionality and potential that will enable to make express payments and at the same time to provide the maximum possible performance of blockchain applications. It can be achieved through division of the payment system and the application system into different blockchains (this step is the answer to the question on the difficulties of scalability).

The main technical difference from all existing platforms is the new architecture that includes three levels. The first level is a payment system. The second level is applications (insurance, medicine, notaries, etc.). The third level is private blockchains (chains of private organizations).

Our fundamental difference from existing platforms is that it is not just a platform for crowdfunding but a platform for private blockchains and applications. Today open-minded entrepreneurs have to reproduce new forks from different platforms. Thus, an infinite number of different cryptocurrencies appear. For company owners and their counterparties, it carries certain difficulties:

– impossibility to enter into smart contracts between their chains (there is no business without professional contacts);
– search of miners for decentralized mining (to meet the principle of decentralization);
– a large team of programmers with high salaries;
– new programmers need time to become familiar with the existing chain;

Application users also have inconveniences:

– cryptocurrency owners have to apply to exchanges to change one token for another paying them a fee. Indeed, decentralized platforms are created, in particular, to get rid of intermediaries. But it appears that one intermediary is substituted by another. Applications on WISEPLAT will not need an intermediary for exchange, as all applications use the WISE token;

While WISEPLAT solves the following problems:

– smart contracts are entered into by the chains of organizations;
– decentralized mining has already been arranged;
– A simplified (practically packaged) solution is available for deployment of private blockchains. It enables to reduce the number of programmers greatly and save on the salary fund. Every newly employed programmer has already known the packaged solution, he only needs to become familiar with specific features of the enterprise.  It saves the salary fund greatly.
– the platform gives a possibility for a private blockchain to confirm its reliability if desired. Like the company’s authorized capital, the new project enables to fix in the main blockchain a deposit that plays the role of the authorized capital in the organization.

Thus, WISEPLAT changes business processes bringing with it the best features of the blockchain.

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