Happy Holidays – XUC appreciates 225% and to be listed on CEX December 22nd!

After being listed on HitBTC, OKEX, and EtherDelta, Exchange Union’s Coin, XUC, will be listed on CEX (XUC/USDT: XUC/ETH) on December 22nd. CEX owns the first cross-platform trading system in China, which enables users to make cross-platform trades with Huobi.pro and Bitfinex. The system will connect with more trading platforms in the future. The user-friendly platform provides a pleasant trading experience.

Recently, XUC has received attention from more and more investors. The price of XUC raised steeply since last Wednesday. On December 13th, it increased from $6.92 to $12.86, and continued to grow through December 19th. XUC grew approximately 225%, peaking at $17.52 as stated on Coin Market Cap.

Backed by a talented team of finance experts, Ivy League scholars and blockchain veterans, XUC aims to create a union between exchanges and develop technology enabling cooperation and collaboration between all major digital asset exchanges.

Today, thousands of digital assets are distributed among countless exchanges across the world. Traders require registration at multiple exchanges to obtain access to these assets. These users often face manual, slow transfers between exchanges, including high fees and price fluctuations. For exchanges, it is virtually impossible to list all assets with sufficient liquidity. Exchange Union’s aim is to solve these problems.

Exchange Union will establish a community for developers and strategic cooperations with exchanges. By connecting each different exchange, Exchange Union will form a decentralized meta-exchange platform. This platform will consist of nodes operated by the different exchanges; these nodes build the foundation of exchange union. This decentralized meta-exchange platform will offer seamless, real-time and secure trades. Trade data and other metadata will be kept confidential between the exchanges of the union.

XUC will play a crucial role to reward and incentivize functionaries within the Exchange Union ecosystem. Recently, XUC is receiving exponential attention and recognition from investors, reinforced by the recent listing on CEX.

Currently, 65 million XUC are in circulation. Further information on token allocation can be found in the white paper. Focused on long-term growth, a significant amount of XUC are locked-up, in some cases for up to 10 years. Excess coins are planned to be burned in the future, providing a deflationary nature. Along with increased adoption of Exchange Union, the value of XUC will become more and more evident. After the listing on CEX, more individuals have the chance to explore the value of XUC and raise further industry exposure. The more people understand Exchange Union and the value of XUC, the greater the future potential.

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