Zethan Launches as a Web3 Gaming Ecosystem Offering Exciting Rewards

Zethan, a next-generation gaming ecosystem powered by Zethanx NFTs on Zksync has been launched. While both Web3 and gaming have been dominant domains in the world of blockchain, there are still not many options, especially projects that would make a difference. But the wait is finally over with the launch of Zethan, a next-generation gaming ecosystem powered by Zethanx NFTs on Zksync. The community couldn’t be more thrilled, and it’s evident through the initial response received by Zethan. The project has attracted gamers and enthusiasts alike ever since it released the first title, Alien Raid!

The project is expected to touch levels yet to be reached by any other entrant in the space. And remember, it’s not just the games. Zethan is an entire ecosystem encompassing a native token, NFTs, a user-oriented marketplace, and of course, thrilling games.

With Alien Raid, a game of alien invasion and interstellar defense, already available on the website, the other two, Ulam Runner and Zapper Attack, will be released soon.

Ulam Runner is a 3D web3 game where users play the role of an agile protagonist, running his way through the varying landscape, beating obstacles, and collecting rewards along the way. The aim is to survive the longest. And the longer one lasts, the higher the rewards!

The next in the list, Zapper Attack, takes the player on thrilling missions as an expert operative, delivering packages across locations. Complete the tasks in time and earn rewards! But, It’s not as easy as it sounds. The missions are ridden with dangers and enemies, and players will have to utilize advanced weapons from the armory to tackle it all.

The common aspect amongst all three, players earn $ZETH, both the native token and in-game currency, as rewards. And the same can be traded on exchanges for a profit, though it’s meant to be more of an in-game currency. But to ensure a high demand and buying pressure, 25% of monthly revenue from the treasury will be used to buy back $ZETH from the open market, and the same will be burnt. When tokens are burnt, the total number in circulation decreases, and subsequently, the value of those held by users takes a giant leap.

The total supply of $ZETH is capped at 100M, and it would be available during Airdrops. Besides, a critical reason many would want to acquire $ZETH is that it also acts as a governance token. Basically, it would give token holders a say in vital decisions and provide them the right to vote on critical changes.

About Zethanx, the ecosystem’s NFT

After having explored the three addictive games and the native token, it’s time to take up one of the most exciting parts of the ecosystem, the Zethanx NFTs.

Zethanx is a yield-generating NFT that doubles as a digital asset, an ecosystem NFT minted by early supporters of the Zethan Project. Users who mint Zethanx will get assured rewards worth 2,200 $ZETH, or even more, depending on the rarity of the NFT. So it’s basically raining rewards at Zethan!

Let’s not forget that’s there also the option to rent out the NFT on the Zethan Marketplace for an additional income. So, for those who don’t want to hold the NFT, rent it out for an additional income. Also, holding the NFT entitles users to receive an equitable share of 30% of the project’s revenue.

Zethan partners with major entities

Zethan has partnered with several significant players in the market to deliver an enriching gaming experience, come up with a user-centric reward system, better move NFTs across chains, and trade the tokens. Some of the prominent partners include Xearndao, SyncSwap 🇨🇳, GGslayer game, Dataverseos, AlienswapNFT, Zkdx, and Tyche protocol.

There’s a lot more to be released in time, with Zethan confirming that revenue will be used for future development, collaboration, and marketing. However, the last part has been taken care of, given the tremendous response received by the project and the word-of-mouth promotion already in play. So, do check out Zethan, play Alien Raid, mint the NFTs, and sit back and relax while the rewards keep piling up!

Telegram: https://t.me/zethandao
Twitter: https://twitter.com/zethan_dao
Discord: https://discord.gg/zethandao
Whitepaper: https://wp.zethan.io/welcome-to-zethan/
Announcement Channels: https://t.me/Zethanxgame
Zealy: https://zealy.io/c/zethan/invite/UFLESn3Uo0SOhHBdNuGra
Link3: https://link3.to/zethandao

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