'The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin' Released Today

The film many folks in the bitcoin community have been waiting for has finally been released for viewing.

The film, The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, encountered major delays in getting released (the film was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival this year, though), particularly on the front of distribution, but now, things are gravy.

The film will be available on a slew of different platforms that include Vimeo, Amazon, and iTunes. In addition, subscription services like Comcast and DISH Network (which recently began accepting bitcoin) will have the film available for viewing.

As I’ve noted in my review of the film, the film follows Dan Mross, brother of the director of The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin. His journey includes bitcoin mining and interviewing familiar and notable entities in the bitcoin community.

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Those entities include the Winklevoss brothers, Erik Voorhees, Mark Karpeles (the disgraced CEO of Mt. Gox), Charlie Shrem, and plenty more.

Of course, it’s interesting because the price of bitcoin has seemingly fallen and fallen since earlier this year, but the community remains optimistic.

Certainly though, I feels it’s worth the watch, particularly if you’re an enthusiast.

Learn more about The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin by visiting the production’s homepage. The film is available for purchase for the price of $12.99 (payable in bitcoin, of course).

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The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin is without a doubt the most highly anticipated bitcoin documentary of the year (it was even screened at the Tribeca Film Festival).

And after long delays in attempts of finding distribution, the film is just about ready to make its public debut.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin Cover

I was given access to view the film before it’s available on-demand on October 10th (it’s also showing on several screens around the country in cities like New York and Los Angeles this week). Briefly, I’d like to offer my impressions.

The film follows Dan Mross, brother of the film’s director, Nicholas Mross.

Dan’s a bitcoin enthusiast to the core. The backbone of the film is built his obsession with bitcoin mining and the digital currency as a whole.

He travels around the world to interview prominent entities in the bitcoinisphere, from Los Angeles to New York City, to Tokyo (and seemingly everywhere in between). Many of the faces you’ll see in this film are familiar. The Winklevoss twins, Charlie Shrem, Bobby Lee, and even the director of FinCEN make appearances, and the commentary the interviewees provide is intriguing and enlightening.

As mentioned, there have been some severe delays when it comes to the release of the film, and as such, it shows its age. Inside views of companies like BitInstant, Tradehill, and Mt. Gox are shown as if they were current companies. Thankfully, the latter end of the film includes updates on their respective fates.

You’ll find a huge sense of optimism in this film, and the title of the film is your first indicator. Many of the folks that appear in the film all have high hopes for this digital currency (just a few minutes are spent on contrasting views on bitcoin’s future), and frankly, I wouldn’t have expected any different in a film that’s marketed toward bitcoin enthusiasts.

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-H6QuIv8OSI”]

How the film came to be is just as interesting as its content, I think.

“I first became introduced to Bitcoin in 2011 when my older brother told me he was beginning to mine these ‘decentralized digital tokens’ on his computer.  The idea was so revolutionary, and the possibilities so limitless, it was only a matter of time before I caught the Bitcoin bug myself,” says director Nicholas Mross.

“I began filming his fascinating hobby, and it soon progressed into something bigger than we both ever imagined.  One person’s story led to many more, and every week, new exciting events were unfolding in front of the camera lens.”

He adds in his statement, “I’m so proud of this film and the way we were able to capture the early history of this world-changing technology, and the entrepreneurs fighting to make it a reality.”

Viewers looking to learn more about bitcoin may want to consider watching. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin does an excellent job in explaining the digital currency in a way many can understand.

As for those who are well familiar with the happenings of bitcoin and the bitcoin industry, I think you’ll be thoroughly entertained (and possibly giddy: “I know him! I know him, too!).

Overall, you’ll find a documentary here that’s well put together, nicely paced, and will likely amp you up about being a part of the community (though you can’t help but to feel bad that things haven’t quite panned out for some of the folks featured).

I’d rather save the rest for your own viewing experience and tell you: there’s no way I would advise you to not watch the film.

Catch it October 10th. It’s available on iTunes and here on the film’s official homepage.

The highly-anticipated bitcoin documentary The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin has been discussed time and time again on social media, and yet, most people haven’t seen it.

It’s been screened privately on several occasions, but bitcoin fans can take comfort in knowing that the film is just about ready to make a public release early next month.

You can get to viewing the documentary beginning on the 10th of October, and it will be available for $12.99 (payable via iTunes, Bitcoin, and even by credit card).

Just in case you’ve missed news items related to the documentary, here’s the official description/plot:

[blockquote style=”2″]Daniel is a 35 year old computer programmer from Pittsburgh who lives a busy life. Along with balancing work, his marriage, and raising his three boys, Daniel spends much of his time actively involved in all things Bitcoin. After discovering Bitcoin in 2011, his love and obsession for the crypto-currency was born, revealing an uncharted world of new possibilities for him to explore. Join us as we take a journey through the rapidly growing world of Bitcoin. Along the way, we’ll follow the stories of entrepreneurs and start-ups that are helping shape the new financial frontier. We’ll look at the competitive mining market and the various subcultures within the Bitcoin community. You’ll encounter a variety of characters and opinions as we examine the social and political impact of an open-source digital currency. Will the rise of Bitcoin bring a monetary paradigm shift that will forever change the world?[/blockquote]

One of the biggest complaints with the film is that many now consider it to be outdated, given it was filmed quite a while ago at this point. Based on what we’ve seen, though, it does feature interviews with some notable people in the community, which may make it worth a watch.

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-H6QuIv8OSI”]

The film made it to this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, and ran into some issues with distribution, but it would seem as if things are on track for release.

Apparently, you can even pre-order the film on iTunes.

What do you think? Is The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin still relevant? Or is it just an outdated work at this point in time?

With The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) slated to get underway in the very near future, the folks at the Conference announced today that their very own kick-off party will be taking place at the House of Blues in Chicago on the 18th of July.

At the party, Nicholas Mross’s The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin will be screened much to the delight of the attendees. Do to ongoing distribution matters, the film has not yet made its way into the living rooms of bitcoin enthusiasts, however.

TNABC says:

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin was an official selection at the Tribeca Film festival. The screening at the House of Blues will be the second ever, and the first screening of the final film. The producers are thrilled to present the film to the Bitcoin community first. Where better than at TNABC? Nicholas Mross and the film’s producers will join us at the House of Blues for the screening; so don’t miss your chance to meet these talented filmmakers.

Should be an overall interesting event, we think.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin Cover

TNABC says that in addition to the screening of the film, there will also be a live concert that is expected to take place. That and guest speakers and other “surprises” that you can only expect to see if you’re in attendance.

“We’re extremely excited to partner with the House of Blues for this event. The support of major venues such as the House of Blues shines a light on Bitcoin and gives us mainstream exposure,” Monday’s announcement reads.

If you’re attending the conference, doors open at 6:30 pm, and the film screening begins at 7:30 pm.

There’s been a whole lot of buzz in the bitcoin community surrounding the release of The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, a documentary that chronicles the bitcoin digital currency.

Featuring interviews with well-known entities in the bitcoin community, the film is by far, the most in-depth feature on bitcoin, and judging by the official trailer, it looks to be a great experience.

“The film tells the story of Bitcoin, a revolutionary technology that’s changing the game of how money works. It takes you on a journey of how it all started and how it boomed, and highlights some of the early entrepreneurs and enthusiasts in the space that helped paved the way,” said Nicholas Mross, the director of the film.

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0S4dSXTnfms”]

He explained to NEWSBTC how the film came to be:

“It started as a much smaller documentary that was going be a more informative piece. My brother Dan was a bitcoin miner and I started to document his personal story and interest in Bitcoin. Then all of a sudden Bitcoin really took off and we decided to expand the film and turn it into a much bigger project.”

“The end goal of the film is to tell the compelling story of Bitcoin while educating the audience along the way.”

Based on what you’ve seen, is it worth the watch? Are you the target audience? Chances are, if you’re reading this website, then yes.

“Our target audience is both Bitcoin enthusiasts and those not familiar with Bitcoin. We’re hoping the film is strikes the right balance in being interesting to both,” Mross said.

I have not personally seen the film, nor am I able to attend the premiere, but it all goes down Wednesday evening (April 23rd) at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. The film will be starting at 5:30PM at SVA Theatre 2 in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

Following the film, a question and answer panel will be held with Nicholas Mross, his brother (the film’s inspiration and protagonist), former BitInstant CEO Charlie Shrem (who’s getting a bit of a break from his house arrest), and another undisclosed panelist.

Alas, it remains unclear just when you will be able to watch the film from the comfort of your own home, though.

“We’re hoping the film gets picked up after its run at Tribeca,” said Nicholas Mross. “We would love to get the film out there in a timely fashion for the world to see.”

“We don’t know yet how it will be released, but there very well could be an online release associated with it.”

The official trailer for the highly-anticipated bitcoin documentary entitled The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin has made its debut today, not terribly long after the community has had a sneak peak of the film.

If you haven’t heard about the documentary, it features a number of early adopters, of which include Gavin Andresen and Daniel Mross (the older brother of the maker of the film, Nicholas Mross).

Notable entities in the community make an appearance, including former Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles, Charlie Shrem, Erik Voorhees. The Winklevoss twins — Cameron and Tyler — also take part.

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-H6QuIv8OSI”]

The full film makes its debut next week at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City next Wednesday (April 23rd). The showing will begin at 5:30 PM at SVA Theater 2.

Following the event, the Mross brothers will be doing a question and answer session with the audience. For more information, visit the film’s official homepage.

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