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ACI’s Roger Oliphant: “Open Blockchain Standards Are Too Slow” No Comments

Ever since corporations garnered an interest in the blockchain, the topic of scalability has been kicked around a fair few times. A new report by Gartner indicates the technology has hit the “peak of inflated expectations”>. With more money flowing into blockchain every year, the question becomes how well this technology scales. But can it handle mainstream transaction volume? There has...

Financial Experts Disappointed As Fed Fails To Raise Interest Rates No Comments

Over the past few weeks, there has been an increased focus on whether or not the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates Although financial experts are on the fence on the future of the rates, the Fed’s Janet Yellen has announced there will be no increase for now. However, things may change later this year, assuming the US economy doe snot face a major hit. The long wait is finally over, an...

BFX Token Speculation

Speculators Push BFX Token Price Back To 43 Cents No Comments

Ever since Bitfinex unveiled their BFX token, the markets have gone through ups and downs. Initially priced at US$1 per token, the prices started to plummet rather quickly. Its lowest point was around the 25-cents range, although this has improved again over time. The rumours of being able to convert these tokens to an equity take in iFinex Inc are driving up the price, it seems. Volatile Charts ...

Ethereum Classic Price Technical Analysis

Ethereum Classic Price Technical Analysis – ETC To Consolidate? No Comments

Key Highlights Ethereum classic price after an impressive run during the start of August against Bitcoin failed to sustain momentum. It looks like the ETC/BTC pair is forming a consolidation pattern on the 4-hours chart (data feed via Simplefx). On the upside, there is a major resistance near 0.0035BTC, and on the downside support lies at 0.0022BTC. Ethereum classic price struggled d...

Ethereum Price Technical Analysis

Ethereum Price Technical Analysis – Big Picture In ETH/USD No Comments

Key Highlights ETH price mostly traded in a range this past couple of weeks against the US Dollar. If we have a look at the weekly chart (data feed via SimpleFX) of ETH/USD, there is a broader range formed. On the upside, there is a major resistance near $15.00, and on downside $7.00-20 is a support. Ethereum price looks like forming a monster range on the weekly time frame chart ver...

bank of Theiland Fintech Regulation

Bank of Thailand Expects New Fintech Regulation To Go Into Effect Soon No Comments

Regulation of Bitcoin has always been a topic of substantial debate. Some people see the benefit of being officially recognised, whereas others are not overly bothered by it. But if Bitcoin is to go mainstream, some regulation may be necessary for the long run. Bank of Thailand is working on a new set of fintech regulation that may affect Bitcoin as well. The central bank of Thailand has deemed...


Is Bitcoin about to soar to new heights? No Comments

The internet’s number one e-currency is already making waves in financial markets, but as yet there is still a high percentage of businesses that are unaware of Bitcoin’s potential. The time is ripe for a sole internet currency, and with virtual reality around the corner it could be the perfect opportunity for Bitcoin to rise to the next level. Here are a few reasons why. The internet has o...

Peer-to-peer Lending China

China Issues Harsh Regulations For Peer-to-peer Lending No Comments

Peer-to-peer lending has always been a very popular trend in China. That is not entirely surprising, as the country is keen on innovation and embracing new trends. But there have been a fair amount of problems with P2P lending in China over the past few months. New rules have been announced, which will put a vice grip on this innovative business model. At its core, any peer-to-peer service sho...

Ethereum Classic Price Technical Analysis

Ethereum Classic Price Technical Analysis – New Low In ETC No Comments

Key Highlights Ethereum classic price continued to weaken and formed a new low for the week against Bitcoin. This week’s highlighted connecting bearish trend line on the hourly chart of ETC/BTC (data feed via Simplefx) continue to act as a barrier and preventing gains. The price may remain under a bearish pressure as long as the highlighted trend line resistance holds. Ethereum cla...

Ethereum Price Technical Analysis

Ethereum Price Technical Analysis – Short-term Resistance No Comments

Key Highlights ETH price started a minor correction against the US Dollar yesterday and currently attempting to move back higher. There is a minor bearish trend line formed on the hourly chart (data feed via SimpleFX) of ETH/USD, which buyers need to break for an upside move. They also need to overcome the 100 hourly simple moving average, positioned just around the trend line. Ether...