Big Eyes Coin Aims To Join The Top Cryptos: Tezos And Fantom Under The Spotlight

The future exhibits a bright spark for up-and-coming cryptocurrencies! Even with established cryptos, the future still creates promising potential. Fantom (FTM) and Tezos (XTS) are among the top cryptos in the market! Big Eyes Coin (BIG) looks to follow the same path with its impressive achievements. What traits do the three cryptocurrencies have, and what has made them join the top cryptos? Read more to find out!

Big Eyes Coin, And Its Massive Presale

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a decentralized cryptocurrency, as well as a cat-themed meme coin. Fur-nally, a meme coin that centers around cats (no offense to dogs). With the cat being the underdog, Big Eyes Coin has a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism that contributes to reducing the mining process. What this accomplishes is a reduction of carbon footprint, making it energy efficient! To add to its sustainability, Big Eyes Coin supports charities that help our ocean. The approach is to keep 5% of assets in a charity wallet, which is later donated. Tax fees are cut down when trading with the token. All of these features can bring Big Eyes Coin to the top cryptos with its presale earnings, an impressive $25 million so far! This has made the coin one of the biggest cryptocurrency presales in recent history. You can buy your very own Big Eyes Coin here.

The Fantastic Fantom

Fantom (FTM) is a smart contract platform, as well as being open-sourced and decentralized. They prioritize a directed acyclic graph to engage with the platform. What the smart contract initiates is an increased acceleration of the transaction, which can take less than 2 seconds. Moreover, it lessens its cost and utilizes a Layer 1 blockchain. With its custom mechanism ‘Lachesis,’ Fantom amalgamates its transaction speed and high security with a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. They’re also Ethereum (ETH) compatible so you can operate Ethereum dApps on Fantom. With its current position in the top 50 cryptocurrencies, it’s established to be a competitor to other top cryptos. Investing might lead you to potentially benefit whilst using its highly advanced features.

Tezos And Its Surge

Tezos (XTS) conducts a blockchain network that works as a smart contract. As well as being open-sourced, they initiate peer-to-peer transactions. With its proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, it requires less energy and focuses on being energy efficient! Binance (BUSD) is an example of a highly-established cryptocurrency that supports Tezo’s staking, which grants users rewards (depending on how much of the assets are owned). Tezo plans to revolutionize Web 3.0 with its NFTs! For instance, they’re partnered with Manchester United to release digital collectibles that center around the club. You could be one of the users who can capitalize on its smart contract that runs similarly to Ethereum (ETH), alongside exploring their NFT collections.

The Top Cryptos

While two of them have been in the market for a while, one plans to join them too. Fantom (FTM) and Tezos (XTS) apply smart contracts to help keep them sustainable. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) plans to follow the other top cryptos and be initiated when it’s officially launched!

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