Bull Market Indicators Show Crypto Market Soaring! Here’s Why AltSignals’ New Coin, ASI, Is a Great Investment Opportunity

With indications that a bull market is about to kick in, investors are taking a fresh look at the market following a tough 2022. Now, the focus is on identifying the projects that offer the highest chance of huge gains in 2023 and beyond.

Most investors have seen the spoils that come with a bull market and are getting better at identifying great opportunities and finding the next big project to add to their portfolios. That’s one of the reasons why savvy investors are thrilled to discover AltSignals’ ASI presale that has just begun.

Word of the presale has already traveled far and wide as a result of its compelling potential, building on a huge and established community of AltSignals users and a platform that has already shown an incredible level of success. Coupled with the rapid growth of the AI crypto sector, the ASI presale couldn’t have come at a better time to build an extraordinary level of momentum given the extensive use of cutting-edge AI in the new AltSignals product: ActualizeAI.

ASI presale deemed a rare opportunity by crypto experts

The ASI presale has been lauded by many across the crypto world as an opportunity that holds huge potential and does not come around very often, especially in light of the huge community and incredible customer ratings that the AltSignals platform has already achieved.

It’s no wonder, then, that the members’ presale that recently opened has already attracted a ferocious amount of activity, raising $112k in just 2 days as seasoned investors rush to be among the first to secure their ASI tokens and make the most of the incredible discount at which the tokens are now available.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is a leading player in the world of exceptional quality crypto trading signals, building a passionate community of more than 50,000 traders of varying levels of experience as a result of the quality of the guidance provided by its cutting-edge technology.

This has led to the project achieving a level of customer satisfaction that is practically unheard of in crypto trading, with the AltSignals Trustpilot profile showing over 500 reviews of ‘Excellent’ and an overall average score of 4.9/5.

When looking at the success rate of the trades, it’s easy to see why the platform has been able to produce such exceptional scores. Boasting a 64% average win rate in backtesting of its signals for big players ETH and BTC, traders have been extremely happy with the results in both the bear and bull market conditions — and this seems likely to drive the future success of the ASI token, given the next level of insights that the ASI token unlocks through access to ActualizeAI – the AI layer of AltSignals.

How does AltSignals work?

AltSignals has created an ingenious blend of technical analysis and fundamental analysis that creates a layer of data that is then used to build models that can produce trading signals with startling accuracy. The addition of comprehensive machine learning to drive the next level of cutting-edge insights is another factor that is exciting users, after over 1,500 premium quality trading signals already having been delivered for AltSignals’ customers.

Launched together with the ASI token is the ActualizeAI Club, which will drive token utility and further its development, alongside giving holders access to the early releases of AI-driven signals. It’s also one of the key factors that make ASI such a compelling investment because as the huge and growing user base looks to acquire their ASI to leverage the highest quality trading signals as early as possible, the buying pressure on the ASI token will likely drive the price up.

What is ASI?

The ASI token is the way in which the incredible AltSignals ActualizeAI proposition is enabled. Alongside playing a critical role in the access roles across the platform, additional tokens are able to be earned through contributions to the product development process via the Actualize AI Club, giving ASI holders a way of directly contributing to the future success of the project.

The ASI token provides a host of other benefits to holders, such as exclusive discounts and beta access to new features, and the token is set to play a starring role in the ambitious future development plans of the platform. This is key when looking at the huge potential of the AI-driven insights that are set to come from ActualizeAI. It also benefits from exceptional security, given that the token is built on the Ethereum network and meets the ERC-20 token standard.

Is ASI worth buying?

There’s no question that ASI is presents an outstanding opportunity for investment, as already indicated by the incredible performance in the members presale. The project looks destined for success in light of the huge community already established around a product that has received such rave reviews. ASI seems to be the perfect choice to optimize gains in the upcoming bull market.

You can participate in the ASI presale here.


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