FairPlay: Cryptocurrency Aiding the Rise of Safe and Secure Online Betting


Online sports betting has started to get rapid attention over the last few years. With the Indian market so traumatised with the shady experiences of the past relating to gambling, the developing stigma had led to discouraging many who would have otherwise had been interested in trying out their luck.  As online sports betting is bringing back the assurance and trust, betting fans have been looking forward to, the entry of FairPlay Club has ushered in a new age of safe and secure betting. Owing to the aim of providing fans with a safe and secure betting environment, FairPlay Club has become one of the most tantalizing sports-exchange to go for. FairPlay Club has ensured complete control over the financial ecosystem by introducing end-to-end encryption and allowing users to safely transact using cryptocurrency. So, what makes transactions with cryptocurrency completely safe?

  • No need of sharing banking details: When users decide to pay their deposits in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or Ethereum, they no longer have to use their debit/credit card information while checking out. Users can now securely put in their wallet address and authorise payment, eliminating the need for traditional banking operations. Plus, transactions done using cryptocurrency are completely encrypted and private. This helps your data be secure even in case of a data breach. Also, users do not have to worry about disclosing their PINs or passcodes to the organisation, allowing the user to have complete control over their privacy and security. Though the user also has options like UPI, PayPal, PayTM etc to make payments securely.
  • Avoid banking fees: When users choose to go with cryptocurrency payments over traditional banking methods, they get to avoid any unnecessary banking fees. Banks often tend to deduct a fee in form of cess and taxes. Choosing to go with cryptocurrencies allows you to save on banking fees which in turn you can use to increase your deposit amount and place bigger bets on FairPlay Club.
  • Quick and instant: Payments done using cryptocurrency can be done on the fly using any device. You simply need to access the internet and your online wallet to make the payment. No longer will you have to face the hassle of finding your debit/credit card every time you want to make your payments, nor do you have to save the details in an insecure location for easy access. Simply copy your crypto wallet address and you are good to make payments immediately.

Bet on your favorite sports and games only with FairPlay Club. Choose from a wide range of live sports and live card and casino games. There is something for everyone. Make safe and easy payments with cryptocurrencies and start betting securely today!

To get more information, visit on https://fairplay.club/


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