First martial arts platform Winnerz, established partnership with Muhammad Ali Center

Martial arts platform Winnerz made partnership with Muhammad Ali Center

Seoul, South Korea — Winnerz, the first martial arts platform, partnered with Muhammad Ali Center starting with the donation to it.

As a result, Winnerz partnership with Muhammad Ali Center followed by a partnership with Manipaquiao Foundation made it possible to cooperate and continue to revitalize martial arts culture and markets in various genres, including boxing.

Muhammad Ali is said to be the greatest player in boxing history, and has actually been praised as ‘The Greatest’ by Mike Tyson and George Foreman. Muhammad Ali Center is a non profit museum and cultural center dedicated to boxer Muhammad Ali in Louisville, Kentucky. Ali from Louisville and his wife Ronnie Ali founded the museum in 2005. The Muhammad Ali Center offers Ali’s exhibition on six key principles of confidence, conviction, dedication, giving, respect, and spirituality, and throughout his life, Muhammad Ali worked to inspire people around the world, to help others, to become the best athlete he could, and to stand up for what he believed.

Alma Herovic, manager of the Muhammad Ali Center, said, “We are very happy to be in line with our Muhammad Ali Center at Winnerz and deeply honored for Winnerz confidence in our work, and we will continue to promote Muhammad Ali’s will with Winnerz and try to spread Ali’s spirit and good influence to many sports people around the world.”

A Winnerz official said, “Through this partnership, we became to have the driving force to develop the purpose of sponsoring martial arts players and revitalizing the martial arts market, and we will actively carry out activities in cooperation with each other.”

Winnerz successfully launched the match prediction system with the participation of more than a thousand fans at the Road FC 063 competition in February, sponsoring the players. In addition, NFTs of martial arts players will be released soon to support the players with the sales money.

In addition, it plans to launch a sponsorship system to players that allows constant sponsorship to  martial arts athletes through Vlogs, live broadcasts, and various videos, and a matching system that connects various gyms and trainers to general users to provide training lessons, and various services to meet users satisfaction.


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