InPoker E-Sport Gaming Platform Set to Dominate the Gaming Industry

InPoker, an innovative eSport gaming platform with DeFi protocol, is set to finalize its IDO launch on BinStarter on November 11, 2021. The game, which features stunning graphics, stellar gameplay, and other incredible features promises to be exciting and allow gamers to earn rewards atypical of eSports games. InPoker with integrated DeFi protocol is industry’s and has an array of product features that will reward enthusiastic gamers longing to play the blockchain version of the classic poker game.

Current eSports Market Outlook

Technology has paved the way for the implementation of innovative ideas. This extends to all sectors, including the gaming ecosystem. eSports, a competitive, multiplayer gaming platform has taken the universe by storm. The popularity of video gaming is beyond immense, with billions of dollars at stake and millions of fans watching. Newzoo explains that more than 212 million fans have watched eSports in 2020. Moreover, the money generated surpassed $1B.This explains the popularity of eSports and its lucrativeness.

In recent times, eSports poker games that allow players to play with cryptocurrency have become more rampant than before. With more mainstream media covering video games, such as poker, it’s no surprise to see this type of game gathering momentum in the gaming industry.

As a result, the Influence Poker (InPoker) eSports game was created. The team capitalized on momentum to release the Influencer game to the excitement of eSports gaming fans and poker enthusiasts. InPoker is an innovative online poker game that employs the latest financial technological features to help players earn seamlessly.

Distinctive Features of InPoker eSports Poker Game

InPoker is different from other eSports games in a variety of ways, and this explains its uniqueness. It further asserts the innovation the platform intends to drive in the gaming industry. It differs from others due to the following;

    Interests on Crypto Supplies

Traditional eSports games allow users to play and participate in tournaments using cryptocurrencies. However, none of these gaming platforms allow players to earn interests on their supplied liquidity. This is a distinct feature of InPoker.

InPoker is the first eSport platform with an integrated DeFi protocol that enables players to participate in poker tournaments by adding liquidity in cryptos. Players supply crypto assets with the intention of earning APY on their supply. Users can borrow BUSD stablecoin up to 60% of the total supply, and players can exchange their crypto assets for BUSD on Binance Smart Chain through DEX.

    Multiple Methods of Earning

Aside from accessing crypto assets and earning interests on supply, InPoker offers a better and safer gaming experience. By safer, it means that players are protected from using all their funds to play, given the addictiveness of poker. Unlike some online poker games, InPoker doesn’t offer betting, roulette, etc.

However, players can earn in diverse ways, from winning games to receiving rewards for inviting people to organizing tournaments. More importantly, players can earn interest from their crypto supplies. Influencers can also earn commissions from each buy-in by referring users to InPoker tournaments.

    Sponsorship Programs

Businesses can run promotions on the platform via sponsorship programs. These businesses can create sponsored poker tournaments that create opportunities for players to practice the game of poker before moving up the ladder.

Players of any skill level can practice poker without any substantial investments. Interestingly, players are still opportune to win prizes. Players can receive NFTs and blockchain companies’ native tokens if they are responsible for the promotion. Additionally, players can win a seat at WSOP 2021 $10000. This opportunity helps players to become conversant with the game before going to play with the big boys.

InPoker Finalizes Its IDO Launch on BinStarter

The gaming platform has already rolled out its plan to launch an IDO on BinStarter. The IDO launch will avail everyone the opportunity to be part of the game community and witness a new gaming experience atypical of classic online poker games.

With the integrated DeFi protocol for supplying crypto assets, NFT marketplace for exclusive members, and social media engagement with influencers and brands, InPoker promises to be more than exciting. The IDO is slated for November 11, 2021. This comes after the platform’s soft launch on July 30th, 2021.

About InPoker

InPoker is an innovative online poker game that uses the latest financial technology to help players earn in diverse ways. It’s the first eSports platform with an integrated DeFi protocol that enables players to participate in poker tournaments by supplying crypto assets. The platform only caters to poker gamers, and not betting, slot, or dice.

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