Nest Coin, a New Entrant to the Crypto World

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Today is the day, the crypto world is going to explode with excitement as the industry’s future unveils in the form of Nest Coin. The latest cryptocurrency focuses mainly on two things — raising the market capitalization and providing an easy and simple solution that can be readily adopted by people for regular transactions.

The Nest Project also includes a fixed dividend rate, which will be distributed accordingly to the wallets of the token holders. By doing so, the platform also aims to achieve increased distribution volume, while encouraging people to hold on to the cryptocurrency — leading to rising value of the token amid demand.

As of today, a total of 20,000,000,000 Nest Coins are already issued.  The project has just started, and in the coming days, the platform will witness more upgrades on a regular basis.

Many well-known personalities in the crypto industry have dedicated their valuable time to serve and introduce new concepts for the convenience and safety of the crypto users. Notable among them is Takuya Hashiyada, who has made an immense contribution to deliver some of the best results for the crypto world.

Nest Coin is expected to be listed on cryptocurrency exchange platforms, starting October 25, 2017. It will soon be available on the Indian domestic exchange and then the global exchanges in 2018.

More information about the Nest Coin project is available at –

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