SEER Next-generation Blockchain-based Prediction Market


SEER is a decentralized prediction market platform that enables users to express their judgments about future events by means of the market mechanism and makes effective predictions by gathering intelligence and ideas. The Graphene toolkits allow efficient multi-transaction processing (3,300 transactions per second), providing a high-performance blockchain experience.

Equipped with multiple-hosts decentralized Oracles, SEER offers users credible decentralized prediction market service. Also, SEER Committee and a mechanism of arbitration have been set up to achieve high efficiency, impartiality, and self-government.

A beta version of SEER had been developed and the first minimum valid version will be released in the first quarter in 2018. The Power Fans team will participate in SEER as an investor, and they will develop DApps based on SEER.

“With the 2018 FIFA World Cup and other sports events held in 2018, it is estimated that there would be a great demand on the market of prediction applications.” The leader of SEER team said, “With the help and support from the Power Fans team, SEER will be able to release the product on schedule and will be able to reach users from the Power Fans project.”

Beside from basic functions of prediction markets, SEER  also provides blockchain-based encrypted private prediction markets and a protocol nerve center as well to avoid hard forks. For more information and technical details, please refer to the official website and the white paper of SEER.

Use Cases of SEER

Sports betting
Sports betting is an enormous market and SEER has provided an authentic decentralized sports betting solution. In addition to the general functions of a single-host Oracle, an advanced decentralized Oracle based on the multiple-hosts model is also available, which can efficiently prevent the failure in timely producing results due to frauds or single-point fault of the traditional centralized service.

Assets price prediction

Assets price including that of real estate and bulk commodities is closely associated with our daily life. A user may build a prediction market via SEER and invite other users to participate in the prediction about a specific type of assets where other users can intuitively learn the estimated price of those assets. For instance, in a market on the “prediction about the average housing price in Shenzhen in 2018”, users who intend to purchase houses in Shenzhen can adjust their plans according to the prediction results contributed by the market participants.

Financial market prediction

Presently, there are still drawbacks to financial market prediction that the tools are generally inaccurate, inefficient and expensive. To overcome these disadvantages, SEER offers a convenient, reliable and efficient prediction market tool. Getting rid of complicated settings, the tool enables users to build prediction markets on SEER and invite other users to participate in predictions about “U.S. GDP growth in 2018” or other issues. From SEER, fund managers and professional investors can learn various opinions about the coming events at a low cost, but in a more accurate way.

Event prediction

In addition to what’s mentioned above, SEER also allows predictions about political, social and other events, e.g., whether Trump has the chance to serve for another term of office, whether the box office of a film can reach RMB 1 billion, or when the next iPhone is coming.

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