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  • Exchange

    Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Association Aims to Restore Public Confidence

    Yesterday, the 16 cryptocurrency exchanges currently registered with Japan’s financial watchdog, the Financial Services Agency (FSA), announced the launch of the Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Association (JCEA), according to a Japanese media outlet. The self-regulatory body, chaired by Taizen Okuyama, president and CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Money Partners, aims...

    Thomas Delahunty | April 24, 2018 | 7:25 pm
  • rbi

    Indian High Court Set to Debate Whether Cryptocurrency Crackdown is Constitutional

    India’s recent problems with cryptocurrencies and the exchanges that trade them has caused investors a lot of stress, both locally and globally. Fortunately for crypto-enthusiasts, dealings have now reached the country’s high courts. Challenging Royal Bank of India’s Crackdown Yesterday, April 22nd, the Delhi high court issued a...

    Thomas Delahunty | April 24, 2018 | 1:28 am
  • Malta

    Malta Is Fast Becoming a Central Hub for Cryptocurrency Businesses

    With huge names from the world of cryptocurrency making moves to call the island nation their home, Malta is emerging as something of a hub for digital currency activity. This is largely being driven by favourable legislation, as well as a Prime Minister who firmly believes in the...

    Rick D. | April 23, 2018 | 4:44 pm
  • SEC

    Industry Groups Join Forces to Speak Out Against Over-Regulation by SEC

    Seeking exemptions from federal oversight that they believe will slow growth of the cryptocurrency space, industry groups are forming in attempts to lobby agencies like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for limited interference. The groups are worried that policies in Washington could slow the innovation of blockchain-based...

    Thomas Delahunty | April 19, 2018 | 7:30 pm
  • Crypto

    Kraken, ShapeShift CEO Condemn New York For Unfair Cryptocurrency Business Treatment

    The New York Attorney General office launched a fact-finding inquiry to discover how the cryptocurrency exchanges work and what they’re doing to fight bots, money laundering, and market manipulation. Erik Voorhees, CEO of ShapeShift, and Jesse Powell, CEO of Kraken, denounce the “questionnaire” as hostile to cryptocurrencies and business, in general. Kraken CEO Slams New York Attorney General...

    Ricardo Esteves | April 19, 2018 | 11:06 am
  • Attorney General

    New York’s Attorney General Requests Information on the Operations of 13 Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    New York State’s Office of the Attorney General (OAG) is requesting information from 13 cryptocurrency exchanges in attempts to improve transparency and accountability and help protect digital currency investors. The initiative is meant to complement a first-in-the-nation licensing protocol established by New York State’s Department of Financial Services...

    Thomas Delahunty | April 17, 2018 | 6:55 pm
  • south korea huobi

    Icon Shows How Startups Bypass South Korea’s ICO Ban

    The issuance of new cryptocurrencies, which were banned in South Korea six months ago, has returned to the country via overseas listings for local trading. ICON (ICX), which is being called ‘Korean version of Ethereum’, was issued in Switzerland and is leading the new trend. Foreign-Issued Cryptocurrency Allows...

    Ricardo Esteves | April 17, 2018 | 2:30 pm
  • IMF

    IMF Says Central Banks Have Needless Fears About Cryptocurrencies

    The cryptocurrency ecosystem has found an unexpected backer in the International Monetary Fund. The organization is asking the world’s central banks to be open-minded about digital money as they should “distinguish between real threats and needless fears”. IMF Wants to Help Develop Cryptocurrency Regulation Christine Lagarde, Managing Director...

    Ricardo Esteves | April 17, 2018 | 12:00 pm

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