Former Spice Girl Mel B May Become First Mainstream Artist to Accept Bitcoin

Remember the Spice Girls? They’ve all gone their separate ways since being one of the most popular all-female groups ever, and one former Spice Girl is hoping to sell her music for bitcoins.

Mel B (Melanie Brown) — also known as Scary Spice — will be selling her single “For Once in My Life” for the digital currency beginning on Christmas day directly from her website, The artist said in a press release that “Bitcoin unites my fans around the world using one currency.”

Another artist, Snoop Dogg, is also serious about accepting bitcoin for his latest record, which drops on Tuesday, December 10th. It’s unclear when and if Snoop Dogg will end up accepting bitcoin, however.

The news is certainly welcome in the community. More and more people are seeing the potential in bitcoin and its unifying abilities and convenience. (source:

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Ron Paul Congressional PortraitUnited States congressman Ron Paul will be appearing on two major American news outlets Monday evening to discuss bitcoin, according to a Facebook posting. Ron Paul will first be appearing on Fox Business at 5:15PM, followed by CNN at 7:45PM.

Paul — who has identified as libertarian and republican — has been a vocal supporter of the cryptocurrency, going so far as to say that bitcoin could destroy the U.S dollar. The congressman is also extremely vocal about the spending and corruption at the federal reserve, and is often shunned by media outlets for deviating from political norms.

Still, Paul has some interesting things to say. Stay tuned for more information.

Update: Here’s Ron Paul’s appearance on Fox Business.

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Coinbase Logo

It most certainly is not just you. Popular bitcoin buying and selling house Coinbase appears to be down at the moment. It’s unclear just what the issue is, but users trying to access the website are getting “This webpage is not available” and “bad gateway” messages.

A number of users have taken to twitter to express their frustration, and Coinbase is yet to post anything regarding this downtime. The company did not immediately answer a request for more information on the outage from newsBTC.

Relax, make a cup of coffee. They’ll be back in business before you know it!

Update, 4:17PM Eastern: Coinbase appears to be back up. Still no word  on what caused the downtime.

Swiss Flag SmallWhile bitcoin has had the history of being seen as a voucher in the United Kingdom and a hobby in places like China, Switzerland is taking a much difference approach. Forty-five members of the Swiss parliament have agreed to sign a postulate that considers bitcoin a foreign currency (that effectively puts the cryptocurrency in the same boat as the United States dollar or the Chinese yuan).

This postulate is also the beginning of research into what kinds of opportunities bitcoin can hold for Swiss finance. According to this post on Bitcointalk, “The next formal step is for the Swiss parliament to have a vote on the postulate (can take many weeks). If it passes (which is very likely as about 25% of the parliament already co-signed it), the Federal Council will answer the questions, which again can take many months. And then, if the Federal Council agrees, it would again take a while to adjust the relevant regulations. So it will take time until it becomes effective, but it already today sends a nice signal of how regulatory bodies should treat Bitcoin when the law is unspecific.”

This could be a very important step in the story that is bitcoin. Without worldwide acceptance, the currency will never see the light of day in the mainstream. (via Reddit)

eBay Logo Medium

If you thought selling a virtual currency like bitcoin was a huge no-no on an auction and sale websites, think again. You can actually sell bitcoin on eBay — but there’s a catch.

The bitcoins have to come in physical form. That is, USB or hard disk drive form. Seems pretty straight-forward, doesn’t it? eBay’s president, John Donohoe, has previously hinted at the company’s interest in the digital currency, so this may be the first steps in opening up a full-fledged bitcoin market on eBay.

This information has reportedly been confirmed by customer service associates at the company, so if you’re looking to make some bitcoin sales, eBay may — just may — be a place of interest to you. (via CoinDesk)

Btcchina LogoPopular bitcoin exchange BTC China (which by surprise happens to be the world’s largest BTC exchange) is now requiring users to prove their identity when creating or utilizing a trading account, according to CoinDesk.

The message provided to users upon logging in:

“In response to a recent policy shift, BTC China now requires users to submit identification or a passport number. Existing users will need to provide this information upon login. We apologise for any inconvenience.”

Users outside of China are seemingly not affected by the policy change. Some who submitted passport numbers are reportedly able to resume trading right away sans additional verification by BTC China.

Identity submissions are common amongst bitcoin exchanges. They are, by design, put in place to prevent fraud and money laundering.

Snoop Dogg BitPay Tweets

Not terribly long ago Snoop Dogg posted a tweet that made reference to selling his next album for bitcoins. Turns out, he wasn’t joking! Earlier this month, bitcoin processing service responded to Snoop’s tweet, saying “We can help you with that“.

Today, Snoop’s responded.

“I wanna make this happen. DM me your info.”

So, will Snoop’s next record be purchasable with the digital currency? It sure looks that way. What will be interesting will be to see the bitcoin sales figures. But for now, other artists may want to take notice.

The Simpsons Logo

Popular American TV cartoon ‘The Simpsons’ recently aired an episode that gives a small nod (kick in the groin) to bitcoin. In the scene, the character Krusty the Clown says the following:

Yeah, all it takes is some bad luck at the ponies, worse luck at the bitcoin market, heavy investment…

Now what’s interesting about this is that it raises a very important, yet simple question. Has bitcoin gone mainstream? Given the reference on The Simpsons (which for you international readers is a huge show in the U.S.), we’d say it has.

Clip is after the break. It may be removed by the copyright holder.

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Safello Exchange Bitcoin ATM

Sweden-bases start-up Safello, whose primary business is being a bitcoin exchange, is hopping on the scene with a brand-spanking-new bitcoin ATM they aim to introduce this Monday. The announcement is slated to take place at the STHLM TECH Meetup in Stockholm.

Speaking of Stockholm, Safello is reportedly “prospecting more suitable high traffic locations in central Stockholm to place the ATM on a more permanent basis,” according to Ludvig Öberg, who serves as an advisor for the company.

But why a bitcoin ATM for a company whose chief business is running an exchange? As it were, it seems that bitcoin ATMs are rather popular. Just ask Robocoin, whose ATM in a downtown Vancouver coffee shop has done over $1 million CAD in transactions — in one month.

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Bitstamp Chart 7 December 2013

The start of this weekend hasn’t exactly been pleasant for those who are counting on the price of Bitcoin going even higher. Some grim news that came out this week scared the market when China announced they didn’t want financial institutions toying with bitcoin. On Friday, the market became really scared when Baidu stopped accepting bitcoin. The company says it’s due to wild fluctuations in the cryptocurrency, but some speculate Baidu has felt pressure from Chinese authorities to stop accepting bitcoin.

As such, the price per coin is far from where it was at the start of the week. At the time of this writing, each whole bitcoin unit is going for $734 on Bitstamp, which is certainly making this a buyer’s market.

Things aren’t looking hopeful for a price increase this weekend, and the community is certainly hoping that more companies don’t follow in the tracks of Baidu.

What do you think about the news this weekend?