Medicinal Genomics Seeks to Put Cannabis on the Blockchain

Is it possible to put cannabis on the blockchain?

With one company, that’s exactly what’s taking place. Motherboard reports that Medicinal Genomics is creating a registered list of all cannabis genomes to be stored on the bitcoin blockchain. The purpose is to take any confusion out of marijuana purchases; MG wants to make sure every customer receives the strain they’ve set out to purchase, as each type can have varying effects on patients.

“The Bitcoin blockchain has been going since 2009, and its security is in its proof of work,” says CSO of MG Kevin McKernan. “If, for any reason, we ever got shut down, all the people in the community that have the sequence files we gave them could recreate our database. I think that’s important for the cannabis field. If we ever want to figure out the mitochondrial Eve of cannabis, it can’t exist in a centralized database under one company’s control.”

Since the days of legalizing marijuana first hit newsstands, it seems bitcoin and cannabis have been a match made in heaven. Adoption of the digital currency has grown in size and scope over the last year and half among marijuana dispensaries, and some companies have even found new ways of delivering medical marijuana by drones, ensuring customers get what they need when they need it.

The first patent on a medical marijuana strain was filed in 2015, and MG has been cooking up its idea ever since. Growers buy purification kits for their plants, then ship them to the company so executives can complete a sequencing process. Once that’s finished, MG compares it to a separate “reference strain” to make sure it’s original. The test done and its individuality confirmed, the strain is then added to the registry, while the grower basks in the glory of creating an original strain.

The entire process costs about $600.

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There is a reason why cryptocurrency-based online casino platforms are receiving more attention than conventional online gambling platforms.

The conventional gambling platforms use fiat currency, which comes with its own geographical and technical limitations. They are subjected to regional laws, and have geographical limitations. Whereas, Bitcoin casinos and gambling platforms are global in nature due to the universal nature of cryptocurrencies. For someone interested in gambling, it is hard to find an ideal platform catering to their region which is genuine and trustworthy.

In order make the decision process easier, there are few casino review websites providing detailed descriptions of the gambling platforms. These websites not only review the online casinos by themselves, but also take into account the feedback offered by those who have already used it. Based on the published reviews and ratings, new users can easily choose the most reliable platform.

Online Casino US is one such platform that provides in-depth reviews and analysis of conventional casino platforms that cater to customers in the United States. Most of the platforms listed on Online Casino US are available outside the United States as well. In addition to the list of top rated casinos, the website also offers quick chat support for players, where they can directly communicate to clear any doubts they might have.

Online Casino US also offers education resources that enable players to understand the games, how they are played, security precautions to be taken while playing online and so on. Currently, the website lists 19 best platforms based on their track record in 2015. Along with the rating and review, it also lists few important data points including deposit bonus structure and limits, which will play a decisive role when it comes to the platform’s adoption.

The Online Casino US review platform keeps track of the activities of various gambling platforms. Based on their track record and performance, assigns them the “Casino of the Month’ designation. Overall, irrespective of whether the user is an experienced gambler or not, the website has something for everyone.

London had gained a reputation for being the financial hub of Europe. The capital of United Kingdom has been in the forefront of Fintech innovation, thanks to various initiatives in the past.  But with Brexit, things are slowly falling apart. By moving away from the European Union, London has lost the charm of being the gateway to Europe for many companies.

As the country becomes less attractive each day, other European nations are trying to replace it as the next fintech hub. In order to compensate for the attrition, Innovate Finance — an association of fintech companies including those involved in the development of blockchain solutions is reaching out to other countries outside the European Union. According to a recent post by Innovate Finance, the membership-based fintech association is making a push into the Middle East.

Innovate Finance will be working alongside the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates to promote fintech in their respective countries. According to the report, both the countries will be receiving their own fintech centers working in collaboration with those in London and the United Kingdom.

“Whilst Bahrain continues to improve on a number of international measures it is clear that Fintech presents a sizeable opportunity to modernize, internationalize and democratize financial services in the region,” said Lawrence Wintermeyer, the CEO of Innovate Finance. “London has emerged as the world’s leading global Fintech hub and so there is an opportunity to learn from London and the UK’s approach to the development of Fintech that may offer other hubs, such as Bahrain, learning on its journey to attract the talent and capital to grow its own Fintech ecosystem,” he added.

Bahrain is already known for being a financial hub when it comes to Islamic Finance, whereas UAE has been leading the pack by making significant progress in blockchain technology. The financial industry and even the government in Dubai are heavily invested in distributed ledger technology based solutions.

The collaboration may turn out to be fruitful, not just for London but to the Middle Eastern economy as well.

Ref: Innovate Finance

Well, that’s the first day of the fresh week over and done with, and we’re about to head into the late evening session out of the US. Price has been pretty good to us today – we managed to get in and out according to our strategy on the smaller timeframes, for an albeit small scalp profit – and we’re hoping that things pick up this evening and we can get into some sustained action. Ideally, that is, upside action.

If we do get some action, and price heads up towards the 800 flat mark, we will think about widening out the timeframes on our focus charts and seeing if we can bring in a slightly higher return on the positions.

That’s for later on, however. Right now, we’re focusing on the close of the US afternoon session and the subsequent Asian morning.

So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at the levels in focus for this afternoon, and wee where our predefined entries can get us in and out of the markets on any volatility. As ever, take a quick look at the chart below to get an idea of the levels in focus. It’s a five minute candlestick chart, and it’s got our key levels overlaid in green.


As the chart shows, we are looking at in term support to the downside at 766 flat, and in term resistance to the upside at 773.

We are going to get in long towards 780 if price breaks through resistance, and short towards 758 flat if price breaks support. A stop just the other side of the entry on both counts defines risk nicely. In the instance of both of these trades, we’ll be looking at placeing a stop loss on the short trade somewhere in the region of 769, and for the long trade, somweher around 770 flat.

Charts courtesy of SimpleFX

It is not everyday Chinese cuisine yield Bitcoin rewards., the popular MMORPG casino platform known for its creative games and ambience, offers yet another unique game to win big Bitcoin rewards.

The Eight Treasures of Chinese Cuisine is a game offered by the aforementioned Bitcoin casino platform, where you can bid as high as you dare. It is a Liar’s Poker-inspired skill based game. In it, menus consisting of eight dishes are used, which can easily be bought or sold, whatever may be the case, at nearby Food Carts.

Each player is to have a menu in his/her inventory before playing the game. One can easily buy 4 new menus from the nearby Food Carts. Each menu has a name or a number. And once made, the menu will have the same dishes throughout the game.

The game being Liar’s Poker- inspired, consists of two players standing on the opposite sides of the table and selecting each other to challenge. Each player selects a menu, determining the dishes that a player will have. Following which, the bidding ensues.

A player has to keep on bidding higher than the previous bid, or deny. If the player thinks that his/her opponent is bluffing, he/she can ‘deny’ the bid. The two sides of the table are revealed once a player decides to deny, and the game ends.

Winner is selected on the basis of the truth of the denied bid. The person who denied loses if the bid was true. The player also loses his/her menu along with the game. 

The Eight Treasures of Chinese Cuisine is a creative take on the classic Liar’s – poker. People interested in playing skill based games definitely should give it a go as it is not just entertaining but also provides a possibility of earning Bitcoinrewards. has a diverse range of games on offer, and if you’re interested click here.  

The Indian cryptocurrency and fintech ecosystem has garnered a lot of interest since the “Demonetization” drive was set in motion. The increased demand for Bitcoin in the country is now complemented by the launch of a Blockchain incubator.

According to reports on Indian news media, the Indian Bitcoin company, GBMiners has laid the foundation for South Asia’s first Blockchain incubator, Satoshi Studios. GBMiners is the first Indian Bitcoin mining pool which reportedly has a 5% share of Bitcoin network’s hashing power. The fastest growing mining pool has been operational for a few months now, mining its first block in August 2016.

The Satoshi Studios Blockchain Incubator, started by GBMiners has started offering a three-month long intensive residency program in New Delhi. With the applications currently open, the selected teams are set to receive a seed funding of $50,000 which is roughly around 66.5 BTC against an equity of anywhere between 8 to 15 percent.

Amit Bhardwaj, co-founder of GBMiners was quoted by a leading Indian daily saying,

“Our vision is to build New Delhi as the blockchain knowledge hub of Southeast Asia.”

Referring the current monetary situation and the country’s position as the world’s largest remittance market,

“The times could not be better for bitcoin adoption especially with Indian economy’s biggest currency notes being demonetized recently,” he added.

Indian companies are increasingly adopting blockchain technology. Few leading banking institutions in the country have already expressed interest in blockchain based fund transfer platforms. Also, one of the country’s largest conglomerate Mahindra has entered into a partnership with IBM to develop blockchain based solutions for supply chain management.

The Big Four cryptocurrency platforms in the country — BTCX India, Coinsecure, Unocoin and ZebPay are currently trading Bitcoin at prices greater than that of the international market due to increased demand. The GBMiners’ Satoshi Studios initiative is expected to rope in some of the leading personalities from these platforms in advisory and mentoring roles.

Ref: The Hindu | Image: Satoshi Studios

The emerging trend of Bitcoin adoption can be seen all over the world. LocalBitcoins volume set new records in nearly a dozen regions all over the world yet again. Consumers and investors flock to cryptocurrency as a safe haven asset, despite its volatility. An exciting future awaits for Bitcoin, even though the price has gone through a flash crash over the past few hours.

Some regions will be more prone to Bitcoin disruption than others. Latin American countries, as well as African nations and Eastern Europe, are all subject to increased Bitcoin demand as of late. The bigger question is why these trends are taking place, and if they can carry on over the coming months.

It does not often happen trading volume spikes in a particular country during the week. Brazil is one of those exceptions, as its LocalBitcoins trading volume increased significantly. Two weeks ago, there was a volume of just over 250,000 Real. Not bad, at all, but last week that number spiked to nearly 400,000 Real. A good indication of the growing cryptocurrency demand.

LocalBitcoins Volumes Go off The Charts In Some Regions

Hungary’s volume is virtually going off the charts as we speak, though. After many months of stagnating volume, a sudden spike was noted last week. Trading volumes almost reached 3 million Hungarian Forint, up from just under 600,000 Forint. It’s hard to explain what causes such a sudden increase, although it may very well be a one-time occurrence.

The growing Bitcoin demand in India has been documented multiple times on this website over the past few weeks. LocalBitcoins volume only confirms these statements, with a record volume for the past week. Given the turmoil in the region where both fiat and gold are concerned, this may only be the beginning.

One graph that stands out from all others is the overall European volume. Up until now, Europe has been a relatively small market for Bitcoin trading. But things have been picking up in recent weeks for some reason. In fact, just last week, over 1 million EUR worth of Bitcoin changed hands through LocalBitcoins. Are people preparing for future turmoil, or is this just a coincidence? Only time will tell.

Unfortunately, these graphs are not improving Bitcoin adoption all that much. The price per BTC has been increasing steadily last week but is not showing signs of a retrace. It will take a lot more before Bitcoin can even become a blip on the radar of global finance. But as more people buy up coins, the available supply only shrinks, which can push prices higher with ease.

Header image courtesy of Shutterstock

Last year, a conference held by Russia Today brought together the world’s most prominent journalists to exchange ideas on shape-shifting powers. There, Arnab Goswami from India raised an important issue – about hegemony of western media. He stated that the US and the UK together contributes to the 70% of the source of global news; that the global narrative in terms of news is hugely controlled.

This is definitely not the first — and the last — discussion that raises the issue of the dominance over information. The governments all across the world — including the ones that claim to represent powerful democracies — want to control the ways through which information is produced and distributed.

At the same time, we can also say that media censorship is flourishing only in response to internet-based technological disruptions. Strong laws against disruptive media houses are introduced only when something “classified” or blaspheming is published on open forums; while organisations that are willing to be whipped or regulated flourish without breaking a sweat.

Control is real — and scary!

VERITAS: A Crucial Step towards Dismantling Media Censorship

How would a government approach a disruptive media channel which has no central authority? How will they persecute masses for supporting content that goes against popular propagandas? It is impossible to do so, believes the backers of VERITAS, a Swiss-based decentralised platform for journalists.

The term ‘decentralisation’ stands for the distribution of authority/power. Its very first technological use-case is Bitcoin, a payment network which is free from governments and other central authorities, and runs on the support of users all across the world. The technology which makes Bitcoin’s power distribution possible is called blockchain which, without needing a middleman, settles and records transactions in an encrypted fashion.

VERITAS aims to harness blockchain’s revolutionary features for its community-based content platform. The project instantly dismantles media censorship by transferring control to the community, through a powerful validation system.

“No third party will ever have the control on what can or not be published,” ensures VERITAS in its white paper. “All the decision to publish any content is democratically made by the community by using a powerful validation system. All single member will have exactly the same opportunity to progress based on their work. No privileged, not even member of the team.”



To ensure that only serious writers and readers become the part of VERITAS platform, its developers has come up with a vote-based payment system. “Every article,” according to the white paper, “needs 1000 votes to be validated and every vote is worth a set amount of money. depending on how much your personal vote is worth (max: x20) you will get the money you deserve. “

To be sure that anonymity is safeguarded and that payments are fairly distributed all payments are going to be totally automated.”

Coin Distribution

VERITAS aims to kickstart its campaigning with an ICO. The project will create a total of 150,000,000 coins, out of which 100,000,000 coins will be allocated for the crowd sale. Excerpt from the white paper:

“10,000,000 coins are going to be used as a reward to our local member of the team and external people that wish to help. The other 40,000,000 coins will be locked for 1 year (the estimated time of development) and are going to be distributed as the reward in the next years with a maximum of 4,000,000 per year. The coins that are not distributed during the ICO are going to be used to pay validators and writers.”

The VERITAS ICO starts December 6th 2016, 00:00 UTC. For more information, please visit

OK then, let’s get things kicked off for w fresh week’s worth of trading in the bitcoin price. Price moved a little over the weekend, with a bit of volatility here and there serving up a few entry opportunities. That said, we didn’t really see any sustained momentum, so the trades were just scalps, at best.

We should have a pretty busy week ahead if things carry through from the end of last week, so let’s get some levels in place and see where things land.

As ever, take a look at the chart below to get an idea of where things stand, and to see what happened over the last twelve hours or so.


As the chart shows, the levels we are looking at are in term support to the downside at 760, and in term resistance to the upside at 771.

There’s not really enough room to go at things with an intrarange strategy today, so we’ll be sticking with breakouts for the time being. Specifically, if price closes above resistance, we will get in long towards an immediate upside target of 778. A stop loss on the position somewhere in the region of 769 will ensure that we are taken out of the trade in the event that price reverses and trades against our position.

Looking the other way, if price breaks below support, we’re going to watch for a close below that level to get put us in short towards 753. Again we need a stop loss on this one, and we’re looking at somewhere around 763.

As a closing note to today’s morning analysis, price has shifted away from 800 over the weekend, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on any breaks towards that level early week. There’s a good chance of a hit if price can pick up a bit of momentum on a break, and we’ll be ready if and when it does.

Charts courtesy of SimpleFX

With the Christmas holidays almost upon is, it is only natural Bitcoin companies organize a special event. Two of Poland’s top cryptocurrency exchange are hosting a Bitcoin fundraiser. The money raised through this effort will be used to buy gifts for the Child Care Home in Katowice, Poland. A great way for Bitcoin to make some positive headlines in the coming weeks.

Bitcoin is a valuable tool to do some good, and Polish exchanges want to highlight that option. Both BitBay and Bitcantor will co-host the Christmas holidays fundraiser for the Tęcza Child Care Home in Katowice. Buying the children there some toys, stuffed animals, and giving them a Christmas to never forget is all made possible with Bitcoin.

In most cases, Bitcoin is seen as a currency used for illegitimate purposes. Breaking this stigma has been proven to be quite the challenge as of late. Financial experts refuse to see things for what they really are, but that is not entirely surprising. After all, Bitcoin operates outside of their control, which is the primary reason for opposing cryptocurrency.

A Bitcoin Fundraiser For The Good Cause

With these Polish exchanges trying to set the record straight, an exciting precedent is being set for the rest of the world. Bitcoin can be used for charitable donations in other parts of the world, but most efforts are localized. This Bitcoin Christmas fundraiser targets an area where cryptocurrency can do a lot of good.

BitBay head of Marketing Justyna Laskowska-Witek told the media:

“We are also a team of people that want to do something good for the world. That’s why we want to engage in charity causes. We hope many people will participate so we can make children’s wishes come true. Bitcoins we collect are going to be exchanged to PLN without any fees and then spent on gifts that children wrote down on their letters to Santa Claus.”

What is rather intriguing is how anyone in the world can participate in this Bitcoin fundraiser. BitBay and Bitcantor customers, as well as non-clients, can all contribute to the good cause. The campaign runs until December 15th, and a nice chunk of money has been raised already. Then again, there are never enough financial contributions for a good cause.

It is evident this fundraiser will serve multiple purposes. First and foremost, both companies want to create an unforgettable Christmas for the children. But this is also an excellent way to increase Bitcoin awareness, both in Poland and beyond. BitBay held a similar campaign last year, and raised nearly 2,000 Bitcoin in their fundraiser for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

Header image courtesy of Shutterstock