Professional Traders Disrupting the Investment Management Industry – Covesting Opens Their Crowdsale.

Covesting is a peer-2-peer digital asset management platform combined with the most complete infrastructure for investors and cryptocurrency traders. The platform is being built by ex-Saxo bankers and allows any investor to copy the trades in real time of professional cryptocurrency traders, while keeping their funds safely in their own accounts. Traders can start a career as fund managers by proving their performance, which is tracked transparently, directly on the Covesting platform. Traders can trade from many of their favorite crypto exchanges and will not have to change their current trading habits.

Covesting’s launches a public crowdsale, after successfully completing their Pre-ICO stage on November 19th, raising over $1,1 million dollars and exceeding their goal in just two weeks. The Pre-ICO period which lasted roughly one month, had over 1,700 participants and brought in over 3,000ETH, adequately funding the company through its platform development phase.

Covesting will also feature the Crypto Intelligence Portal, encompassing a complete knowledge base of all cryptocurrency related information from a carefully selected group of unbiased sources, as well as market analysis, forums, and discussion based around trading.

Almost a week ago, Covesting has announced that it has officially incorporated in Gibraltar, a move that should help the fintech startup flourish in a nation with friendly regulations in both the financial and technology industries. Such move is incredibly important for distributed ledger based technology companies because Gibraltar is one of the few places that has officially enacted regulation around what is permitted. Gibraltar’s Financial Services Commission ratified laws pertaining to all distributed ledger based companies to go into effect Jan 1st, 2018

In order to develop the platform within shortest period of time, Covesting team has decided to go for Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The project provides the unique opportunity to take part in a crowdsale and benefit from its growth by purchasing Covesting Tokens prior to the beta-version launch of the platform. All proceeds from the token sale will fund the product launch, continued platform development, and user acquisition.

The ICO opens on November 24th at 13:00 GMT time, and will run for one month until December 24th. The initial rate is 200 COV per 1 ETH in the public ICO, but scales down as more ETH are contributed, and eventually will lower to 130 COV per 1 ETH. Investors are encouraged to participate early as the rate drops after just the first 5,000 ETH is contributed.

You can also find Covesting on social media:


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We all know that cryptocurrency is the way of the future.  Plenty of online businesses and companies accepts and deal in crypto and its popularity is increasing every day.  However, the main question that seems to echo with the use of virtual currency is how do you incorporate it into your everyday life?  How can you easily, and safely, exchange your cryptocurrency for traditional fiat currency and vice versa?  Cointed seems to be the answer.

The platform’s main aim is to be that bridge between the digital and the real world when it comes to easy integration of cryptocurrency.  In addition to offering a number of beneficial and innovative ideas for the future expansion of the platform, Cointed already has a range of fully functioning working business models.

Cointed has 100 operational multi-cryptocurrency ATMs in Europe, making them the biggest provider on the continent.  In addition, the platform has an exchange with over 15,000 users, and has many green mining farms throughout Europe.  Also, Cointed is in the final stages of obtaining their banking license, expanding their offerings even more.  The platform also offers payment solutions for online businesses, and traditional stores.

Not only are they currently providing these services, they’re turning a profit too.  In 2015, after making $7 million in sales, the made a $120,000 profit.  Last year saw them reach $30 million in sales and $600,000 in profits.

Their Pre-ICO phase started on the 20th of October and will conclude on the 19th of November.  A total of 130,000,000 CTD tokens will be available.  Participants of this phase will receive a 15% bonus until either all of the tokens are sold, or the sale concludes.  A total of 1,000 CTD can be bought for 1 ETH, which is the medium of purchase.

In the case of all of the tokens being sold before the end date, the Pre-ICO B phase will begin.  Contributors in this phase will receive a 10% bonus until 650,000,000 CTD tokens are sold, which is also the token limit, or until the Pre-ICO end date of the 19th of November.

In addition, the first 1,000 participants in the Pre-ICO phase who contribute a minimum of 20 ETH will receive a free Cointed Limited Card.

The ICO will take place from the 20th of November this year until the 28th of February 2018.  All of the funds raised will go towards the global expansion of the platform.  A total of 30% will be spent on development, another 30% on manpower, 25% of licensing and partnerships, and the remaining 15% will be spent on marketing.

Since beginning operations in 2014, Cointed has amassed more than €100 million in revenue. Further information about the platform and its ongoing token sale is available on the website.

FidentiaX, a Singapore based fintech start-up, has announced the launch of world’s first marketplace based on blockchain technology for tradable insurance policies.  As per the recent announcement, the platform is currently in development phase and is capable of disrupting the status quo in the industry.

The Objective

The fidentiaX marketplace will put the ball in the court of policyholders, empowering them to monetize policies on the blockchain. The company also plans to set up fidentiaX Open Source Foundation (FSOF) in an effort to encourage the integration of blockchain technology with the insurance industry.

The Market Scenario

As reported by OECD, the total market volume in 40 countries was worth of $3.86 billion in 2016. Among the reporting regions, Asia has been anticipated to have the fastest growth rate for life insurance, and an estimated real annual compounded growth rate of 10.2 percent.

However, certain inefficiencies are there in the tradable insurance market, including:

  • Low Level of Awareness

Many policyholders are not familiar with an idea that policies are tradable assets that are sold in the open market at a profit. In 2015, $112 billion worth of policies were put in the U.S market, out of which $57 billion worth of policies could be resold.

  • Absence of Marketplace

There is no specific marketplace for tradable policies, making it difficult for policy sellers and buyers to coordinate and connect.

  • Presence of Third Party

Almost every transaction requires buyer and seller to place trust of the third party, for execution, which increases the overall cost and also makes buyers and sellers dependent on these middlemen.

In view of these loopholes in the traditional marketplace, fidentiaX marketplace has been developed upon membership-centric ecosystem that focuses on all key stakeholders equally.

The Services

FidentiaX marketplace provides the following services:

  • Policy Ledger

This service eliminates the need for intermediaries, by developing a digital ledger for policyholders.

  • Trustless Marketplace

FidentiaX’s trustless marketplace provides buyers and sellers with a comprehensive platform to connect and trade different policies via blockchain.

The company, at present, is focusing on establishing its operations in Asia before implementing its global expansion strategy. The target Asian countries include Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore.

FidentiaX is also planning to announce the launch of its token sale soon. To know more about the platform and be updated with its upcoming ICO dates, please follow


The problem of the internet today is the growing efficiency of government’s eavesdropping and censorship capabilities across most of the world wide web. The denial of the basic principle of network neutrality has been ruthlessly defended (even denied) by the Chinese, Iranian, Australian, German, and American people among others. The government firewalls are growing increasingly efficient and thereby threatening the security of private data online. The complexity of today’s technical solutions prevents us from using reliable encryption methods to protect data of neither ordinary people nor small enterprises.

The ideal choice to bypass government restriction is to use Virtual Private Networks. These networks use softwares to create a secure, encrypted connection between your home PC and the servers operated by your VPN service provider. This means that all your internet traffic will pass through a protected channel that prevents even your service provider from seeing your traffic until you exit the channel. I am no cryptography expert but even I can’t fully trust my personal data to centralized VPN service which might be compelled by the government to disclose my internet activities.

Is there an alternative solution? Let’s consider Privatix, the unique internet solutions company, with its token sale set on October 19, 2017. The platform, founded by developers responsible for the products like and centralized VPN, is all about ensuring the freedom of the internet, online cybersecurity and the rights of individual and businesses to online privacy protection.

The Privatix network is a decentralized, fully autonomous peer-to-peer Virtual Private network, based on blockchain technology that allows users to share their internet broadband with other network members.

Privatix is not the only internet censorship solution in the world today. However, a majority of VPNs are governed by a centralized body and are vulnerable to Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) control. Also, the fact that these VPNs have been there for a while allows them to charge high prices for their services which is mostly over-rated. On the other hand, the decentralized nature of Privatix makes it less vulnerable to ISP control.

Privatix being a product by industry insiders provides solutions to overcome some of the false statements given by other VPN providers about log-keeping, overcharging, user data monetization, unclear billing policies, and the incredible margins that are siphoned off for marketing, advertising, among other things.

At the time when people are seriously considering whether the VPN industry is really protecting their privacy, the Privatix network presents a conceptually new solution, designed to benefit ordinary internet users, developers, and online businesses. It will feature reduced price tags and margins in the VPN consumer market, eliminating the middleman and enabling people to share their spare broadband while profiting from it.

According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, international trade in counterfeit and pirated goods was worth $250 billion in 2007. On the other hand, the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition reports that the counterfeit market today generates revenues of up to $600 billion annually if you include online piracy or counterfeits that are sold in the same country they are made in. That is $600 billion losses for businesses from across the world.

Counterfeit products put the health and safety of consumers at risk worldwide, while robbing the local governments, businesses, and communities as a whole of tax revenues, profits, and employment. Today, counterfeiters are capable of reproducing food and beverages, medicine, electronics, household products, among others.

Counterfeit goods account for up to 2.5% of world trade. This means that the methods used to prevent such trade are not very effective. After extensive research and consultation with manufacturers and suppliers of affected products, developers came up with a system for storing and verifying information regarding the authenticity of various products. Digmus is a platform that is being developed to help mitigate this scourge, win back the profits for the businesses, and aid the consumer in purchasing authentic brands. The platform, in an effort to revamp the economy by getting rid of counterfeit and pirated goods is holding a Pre-ICO campaign on October 12, 2017.

The Digmus systems include two components, where the first component is a blockchain that acts as the storage of unique products keys and history of product transfer between suppliers.  In order to ensure the genuinity of products, the platform’s certificate center will check the brand authenticity and issue electronic signature certificates. A blockchain based database will then store the product information and additional data to verify authenticity. The second component is a mobile app which will be used to verify the product keys and provide verification for additional signs of authenticity. The certification center, which is controlled by Digmus, will check the ownership of the trademark, prevent similar copycat trademarks, and revoke any compromised certificates.

For the Pre-ICO, Digmus is offering its tokens at the rate of 300/1 ETH with 300,000 tokens available for the Pre-ICO Sale. Once the ICO has launched, investors who purchase from the first batch of tokens will get 200 tokens per ETH contribution. On the second, third and fourth batches, investors will get 185, 170, and 155 tokens respectively for the same price. The token supply for the ICO is set at 1,500,000 for the first, second and third batches, with 1,900,000 tokens for the fourth batch. According to their financial plan, by the year 2021, the total amount of profits distributed among all members of the ICO is expected to reach $4million a year.

More information about Digmus and its upcoming crowdsale is available on the platform’s website. Also, the team is available on Telegram at –

Social connections used to be with neighbors, at bars and dance clubs, or at work around the water cooler. But these days, social connections have all turned online. Matchmaking apps like Tinder, Bumble and others have grown massively in popularity.

In the business world, connections are made with sites like LinkedIn. These sites create a platform for employees to make business links with business people in a more formal and professional arena.

And yet, as human connections have increasingly turned online, troubles have begun to appear. A simple Google search reveals the huge number of problems that have popped up with online dating, with stories of patrons even being attacked.

Business platforms are no different. LinkedIn, for example, is helpful in many things, but at the same time, most profiles are puffed up beyond what is really accurate. Like a well-constructed resume, profiles on job connection sites are not usually reflective of reality.

Enter the Blockchain

Blockchain technology is beginning to be able to provide new platforms for online social interactions to function. The goal with all these connections is to create new relationships with users in order to find links in similar interests.

Links can be in a variety of areas – they may include hobbies, or business relationships, or even romance. But in all these areas, Blockchain provides a new and better way for digital interaction to take place.

Matchpool is a company that has started working in this space using blockchain technology.  After its very successful $5.7 million ICO, the company has not remained idle but has continued building real-world application connections in order to grow its platform. With new business relationships and upgraded incentivized users, the platform is promising to be a sea change in the online social networking world.

Matchpool has recently created a new upgrade to the incentivization platform on the Alpha version. The coins currently being used are Testnet coins created on the Ropsten testnet. The hope for Matchpool is to be able to encourage users to participate on the platform in order to gather feedback and suggestions from the wider social media community.

A Snip or Two

Snip is an up and coming way for consumers to find and digest news in simple and easy to read ways. As a news platform for concise news summaries, Snip makes it possible for readers to maintain high volume news consumption while making small time investments. On Snip, users can search for and build personal news feeds by evaluating the information held by a variety of writers who are promoted by the community.

Within the Snip platform, users from Matchpool are now able to refer and promote writers for Snip publication. When a writer joins Snip and has an article published on the platform, the one who referred the writer will receive a bonus in the chain token of either chain, whether Guppy Tokens from Matchpool or Snipcoins from Snip.

By partnering with Snip, Matchpool intends to drive new two-way traffic for both platforms. News readers will be able to share good content with their social pools on Matchpool, and vice versa.

Qtum partnership

Matchpool has also inked a new partnership with Qtum, the Chinese blockchain giant. Matchpool plans to build a social networking and connections Dapp. The technological cooperation provides Matchpool with new ways to access and utilize the Qtum Proof-of-Stake (PoS) UTXO model. The partnership with Qtum provides new technological platforms for Matchpool that were outside of its systems previously.

The QTUM Decentralized Governance Protocol also moves the vote for changes including hard forks and scalability into the hands of the people who use the chain. The community has a strong say in movements within the protocol regarding scalability, which results in fork protocol adjustments without a fork or divide – a solution that looks increasingly promising with the current SegWit2X debate over Bitcoin.

Matchpool continues to move forward, both technologically and with regard to business matters. The new partnerships mean a substantial improvement for Matchpool. The company hopes to have the beta up and running, allowing leaders and business persons the opportunity to create, maintain, and incentivize communities.

Just 1 day is left until the end of LAT Token Sale – one of the biggest ICOs of this autumn. LAToken has already raised $18.5+ million from 11,000 contributors, becoming #1 among tokenization platforms.

Bringing Real Assets onto Blockchain

Almost two months ago, LAToken tokenized Apple shares, making hard assets tradable in cryptocurrency for the first time in history. That day was the starting point for bringing assets worth trillions onto blockchain. LAToken started with shares of blue chips, such as Tesla and Amazon, safe haven assets, like gold, commodities, like oil, and real estate tokens, backed by ETFs. They are already traded on the LAT Platform. And other assets, ranging from equity to real estate and artworks, will be added soon.

“We believe crypto can dominate the global economy, and to bring the crypto expansion to multi-trillion markets closer, we enabled cryptocurrencies to be widely used in the real economy. Our idea attracted thousand of supporters making LAToken #1 among tokenization platform by funds raised,” – says Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, founder of LAToken. He also mentions that his dream is to build Nasdaq on blockchain with a wider range of assets tradable 24/7 globally.

His words match LAToken team’s actions. They already deployed an open LAT Protocol that allows 3rd parties to tokenize almost anything. The protocol ensures that the link between the token and the underlying asset is legally and technically enforceable, and enables P2P contractual rights transfer. As a result, assets worth $1.2 trillion can be traded on the LAT Platform by 2025.

Game-Changing Platform

Trading real assets on blockchain have many upsides. First of all, it provides you with an opportunity to diversify crypto portfolio without converting to fiat. While cryptocurrencies remain one of the most volatile, yet attractive investments, LAToken helps you get exposure to real assets using your crypto holdings. Imagine, you can buy a piece of Mona Lisa or a fraction of a French castle, and sell it with profit in a few years. Looks like the best way to navigate the crypto markets volatility storm today.

Secondly, LAToken enables small investors to get access to previously closed markets. For example, the entrance level for real estate and artworks markets stands at thousands of dollars. Even if you see an amazing investment opportunity, you wouldn’t be able to invest without a considerable starting capital. LAToken changes that by selling assets by fractions. You will get the chance to start investing in real estate and art with just $100.

Owners of illiquid assets, in their turn, get the opportunity tokenize them and sell by fractions with a liquidity premium estimated at 10–40%. “Businesses succeed if they provide a solution to a problem which affects a large market. Finding liquidity for illiquid assets is a trillion dollar market. LAToken has found a solution to this global problem,” says Mitchell Manoff, Co-Founder and CEO of Corinthian Partners and LAToken Advisor with 42 years of experience in finance.

Finally, fiat traders can prefer LAToken to NASDAQ due to lower transaction costs and 24/7 availability and a wider range of available assets.

Today is the last day of LAT Token Sale. Hurry up, or you’ll miss the chance to join the hottest ICO of this autumn the with real vision and working platform. Join now at to get an 7% bonus.

Blockchain mobility project DOVU is off to a flying start, raising over $5 million in Ether to date. The initiative aims to crowdsource high-quality transport data from large numbers of grassroots users, storing this on the blockchain and making it available to developers and companies in return for the DOV token. Access to these valuable datasets will drive innovation in the transport industry.

 DOVU’s pre-sale was extremely successful, attracting a significant number of larger investors. This has placed the project in a strong position to go forwards: pre-sale contributions have already met the project’s funding requirements for several years. The main crowd sale launched on Tuesday and any additional funding will permit an accelerated development timeline, along with an increased marketing spend.

Unfortunately, the beginning of the public crowd sale saw an attack on DOVU’s website. Many crowd sales are affected by high levels of traffic at their launch, as a lot of people try to access the site at the same time, and DOVU was well prepared for this. However, what occurred was a sustained and malicious DDoS attack that meant many users were unable to deposit funds for a period of several hours. Some of these contributors were unable to take advantage of the 10% bonus token period and DOVU took the step of extending the bonus phase for a further 12 hours. You can read more about the issues faced here.

Rewards for early investors

DOVU will now be rewarding all investors who participate before Sunday with an additional token drop, to compensate for the early problems. More details will be published in due course. The token sale will remain open until 17 October 1700 UTC, with the 3% token bonus tier available until 8 October at 0500 UTC.

Additionally, DOVU will be exhibiting at the World Automotive Conference on 11-12 October in Istanbul, where the team will present its ideas to industry experts in the context of the latest transport trends and technologies.

Read this blog post for more information on how to participate the DOVU token sale, or to find out more about the initiative visit

Token Fund, one of the pioneering crypto assets funds in the market has announced the main ICO round, set to start from October 24, 2017. Through the ICO, the platform intends to facilitate the formation of new crypto-assets based investment funds.

Tokenbox is a comprehensive system that supplies trading and compliance infrastructure required to establish new cryptocurrency backed funds easily. Specializing in the fast-growing crypto-currency asset class, the platform expects to reach the CAP of $20 million in no time.

The founders of Tokenbox system, Viktor Shpakovsky and Vladimir Smerkis, put it as one of the most successful collective investment vehicles in the market, gaining around 380 percent increase in portfolio investment since its start-up stage.  Vladimir Smerkis says that the company quickly systemized two things; the competitors against which it can be compared and measured in terms of expertise for investment, and setting up an investment fund in cryptocurrency market that is characterized by volatile values and changing regulations.

Shpakovsky states that rising interest of traditional fund managers came as an opportunity. A lot of institutional investors and hedge funds are approaching the platform with a need to have an easy entry-point in this market. With required resources at-hand, the company has successfully fulfilled this need in the shape of Tokenbox.

Tokenbox has been designed for a range of users, from key institutional investors to qualified and knowledgeable individuals, letting them form a new fund taking stakes in either crypto-based or cryptocurrencies businesses. Investors enjoys a lot of cryptocurrency portfolio categories within Tokenbox platform.  The inherent KYC processes and compliance mechanisms, make digital investment a special, new asset class to be included in portfolios.

In its upcoming ICO on October 24, 2017, Tokenbox will offer 31 million tokens at $1 each. The pre-ICO has already started where TBX tokens can be purchased via Ether or Bitcoin. Tokenbox is backed by an international team that includes technical, compliance and financial professionals from across the US, Asia, and Europe, while its advisory board includes Chris Skinner, a well-known fintech expert.

To know more about the upcoming ICO of Tokenbox and take part in its pre-ICO, please visit

The cryptocurrency market, driven by Bitcoin has been one of the best-performing assets during the last year, and it is all set to continue the trend through this year as well.  The market conditions have attracted the attention of crypto, mainstream and small ticket investors alike, who are flocking the exchanges and trading platforms to lay their hands on some Bitcoin and other altcoins.

Gauging the interest of the investor community, Hedge Project has conceptualized a platform that makes trading easy as well as profitable in the cryptocurrency market. Hedge is designed to offer trade indices, cryptocurrency baskets and single derivatives to the investor community so that they can hedge their exposure to the cryptocurrency market known for its volatility.

The introduction of a reputed crypto-indices is expected to encourage institutional investors further to enter the sector and benefit from the robust market while leveraging on various investment options. The Hedge Project has already developed the indices – CCX30 (Crypto Currencies Top 30 Index), which is set to be listed on Reuters.

Through its initiative, the platform will be solving three important issues that are plaguing the current cryptocurrency market. Starting with the introduction of standards, the platform will provide a real-time platform with a constant stream of market data for investment decisions. It will be further supported by alternative investment options that could off-set the volatility risk otherwise associated with the cryptocurrencies.

The introduction of CTI also helps investors diversify their investments across the market while keeping the costs to a minimum – something which wasn’t easy to come by until recently. With a single point of access to different instruments and markets, people don’t have to worry about multiple accounts and platforms.

Hedge, staying true to its name brings in systematic hedging facility for crypto as well as mainstream investors through the inclusion of derivatives in a market which so far hasn’t been efficiently implemented.  Under this new setting, investors will be able to short certain CTIs and balance the risks in multiple ways without compromising on the holdings.

Hedge Project is being handled by the right hands. It is the brainchild of a group of specialists with years of experience in investment, finance and fintech industries. The Hedge CCX30 was launched on September 24, 2017, in the midst of the ongoing crowdsale campaign. The token sale will continue till mid-October, offering an opportunity for the participants to become part of the initiative.

More information about the Hedge Project and the crowdsale is available in the platform’s whitepaper and website.