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Stox, a Prediction Market Platform by Invest.com to Use Bancor Protocol No Comments

Invest.com, the leading trading and portfolio management platform has announced its plans to launch Stox, a blockchain based prediction market platform. It will be built on the recently introduced Bancor protocol and powered by Stox' own smart token, STX. Invest.com announced the new development in a recent press release. The company made the decision after analyzing multiple blockchain platfor...

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Tezos Outdoes All the Other ICOs until Now, Breaks Bancor’s Record No Comments

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and crowdsales have become the new way of fundraising in the startup ecosystem. If the company or the product has got remotely anything to do with blockchain or fintech, then the chances of success are much higher. Tezos, a blockchain self-governance platform has proven it by breaking records to become the highest grossing ICO of all times. The recently concluded T...

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Is EOS Crowdsale Going to Break Bancor’s Record? No Comments

ICOs, the most preferred way to raise funds for cryptocurrency startups have been creating records lately. The recent Bancor crowdsale established a new record after it raised over $150 million in no time. As people become more open to the new mode of fundraising, projects with the potential to offer revolutionary breakthroughs in real-world applications can expect to garner more than enough suppo...

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Bancor Raises $153 Million, Creates a New Record in ICO History No Comments

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have become the most preferred way for startups and businesses, especially the ones in cryptocurrency industry to raise the necessary funds for product development and marketing. Unlike angel and VC funding, ICOs are open to the public, allowing them to contribute as much as they wish. The community will also act as the jury and decides whether the project is fit to r...

Xinfin.org opens Pre ICO sale of tokens for its Ethereum derived blockchain platform No Comments

Xinfin.org comes with the release of its new institutional financial market along with its pre-ICO token sale. Xinfin has been building an Ethereum derived XCD network on distributed network with all those features that real world applications and institutions can be benefited from. This is the blockchain platform that is aimed at achieving real world enterprise grade integrations. Xinfin.org has ...

Bancor ICO Starting from June 12- The Participation Terms No Comments

The Bancor Protocol Crowdsale by Bprotocol Foundation, a Swiss non-profit organization, has been announced to start by June 12, 10:00 GMT. The ICO has already started to gain attention since Bancor protocol is a standard for a new generation of the cryptocurrencies called the Smart Tokens. With this protocol, the Bprotocol foundation aims to establish a global standard for the intrinsically tradea...