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The Myopic View of Blockchain Technology is Affecting Innovation No Comments

Is there anything that blockchain technology can't do? The question is hard to answer as long as we don't change the way we perceive the distributed ledger technology. The blockchain technology is still in its nascent stages, but we fail to look at it with a fresh pair of eyes, says George Benner — Head of Digital Strategy at Droga5 Advertising Network. In an article on one of the websites, G...

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Can Bitcoin be the Perfect Tool for Online Gambling? No Comments

Since the beginning of the Internet, the gambling industry has always been an adopter of all new online technologies that have been coming around. However, for some time now, the online gambling industry has been dealing with heavy regulatory impositions all over the world and many companies tried to find out new ways of going pass those restrictions. It was in 2009, that Bitcoin was introduced...

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Russian Presidential Advisor: Bitcoin is a Virus No Comments

Russian government officials want to exert complete control over the Internet in the country, Although that will be quite the challenge, there are plans in motion to make the usage of currencies not issued by the central bank punishable by law, and the Russian watchdog has blocked access to various Bitcoin sites in the past. According to Presidential Advisor for Internet Development Klimenko, terr...

Coinbase Customers Can Soon Have Their Own Shift Card.

Coinbase Customers Can Soon Have Their Own Shift Card No Comments

Bitcoin debit cards combine the best of both traditional and digital currency systems. The ease of swiping the card at a PoS, as it has been done for decades is now combined with the advanced digital currency of this generation. Bitcoin debit cards are one way of paying for goods and services at any place with a PoS machine irrespective of whether they accept digital currency or not. Coinbase now ...

InterPlanetary File System - File System for a Decentralized Internet. newsbtc bitcoin news

InterPlanetary File System – File System for a Decentralized Internet? No Comments

Internet in its current form has been around for decades now. While the bandwidth has definitely increased and with rapid improvements in technology, data costs have gone down drastically. However, deep down the framework on the internet remains mostly unchanged. The increased dependence and familiarity of internet among individuals, organizations and governments has made it an irreplaceable piece...

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MegaNet — Kim Dotcom’s Decentralized Internet Powered by Smartphones 5 Comments

If  you been ardently following our news updates, then you would have come across an article published last week about CISA and how it is going to impact the privacy of individuals not just in the United States but across the world. FURTHER READING: Right to Privacy, What Is That? – CISA CISA is going to affect the privacy of most of the internet users across the world because of a simpl...

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In 10 years, Internet will look a lot prettier because of Bitcoin No Comments

Speaking to Financial Times, co-founder of the San Francisco-based Bitcoin exchange Coinbase, Fred Ehrsam said, “In 10 years I think we are going to be sitting here and the internet will look a lot prettier because Bitcoin came into existence.” Bitcoin’s Killer App Will End Spam Danish Bitcoin exchange CCEDK launched a crypto-debit card recently and called it the “killer app” that ...

BitTorrent Client Joystream to Reward Users with Bitcoin for Seeding

BitTorrent and Bitcoin – Don’t Screw It! No Comments

Disclaimer: The author doesn't endorse or approve piracy in any form and the content of the article is meant to be a depiction of reality. Almost all millennials out there on the internet have used BitTorrent at least once in their life, maybe to illegally download the latest song or to download the latest version of Ubuntu for their desktop which is perfectly legal. Free content on torrents mad...

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Coinbase Becomes the First Bitcoin Company to Join the IA No Comments

Coinbase has joined the ranks of Internet conglomerates Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Google and clasped hands with the Internet Association, or the IA. Based in Washington D.C., the IA was launched in 2012 and regulates Internet freedom and innovation, and Coinbase is now the first bitcoin company to enter into an agreement with the organization and have a “regulation say.” CEO of the Inter...

OpenMedia Now Accepting Bitcoin Donations No Comments

Civic engagement organization OpenMedia has announced that they are now accepting bitcoin donations to further help fund their mission of keeping the internet open and affordable. The organization says that the decision to accept the digital currency stems from popular demand: "As more and more people get involved in Bitcoin, OpenMedia has been getting more and more requests to accept donations ...