Trusted Backers Make NeuCoin More Trustable

In times when most of the digital currency projects grow up to be nothing but farce, new investors find themselves doubting even the ones that promises some potential. Over the years, Bitcoin has inspired many developers to experiment with its open source code to execute something really innovative. But, in reality, only a few have managed to really bring out technologies that can improve upon Bitcoin.

This is the only reason why a new cryptocurrency like NeuCoin will be faced with doubts initially. But if one sees beyond its “altcoin” tag, he/she can see a hoard of talent working towards bettering this innovative take on Bitcoin.

Before its launch, the NeuCoin has managed to attract cryptocurrency veterans like Bitcoin Foundation chairman Brock Pierce to be strategic advisors to the project (during pre-launch, Jackson Palmer, the Dogecoin’s creator, was also a strategic advisor). What’s further attractive about NeuCoin is the team that has been associated with the developments of some of the highest visited projects.

Moreover, the digital currency project is also backed by investors like a co-founder of King, the company who created Candy Crush Saga, Rob Goldman (Head of Growth at Facebook), Emil Michael (Uber’s senior vice president of business), and many other key professionals.

Till date, Neucoin had raised around $1 million from several dozen of such veterans, of $2.25 million in total investments, proving its mettle in an often slow altcoin industry. It is one of the many reasons why someone would likely to put his stake in a project which is backed by some of the leading A-grade veterans of Bitcoin industry.

To know more about this new altcoin project, visit here or read this article.

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We at NewsBTC are all about decentralization. Unfortunately, we have been forced to rely on centralized publishing technology and models, with projects like the meshnet still in nascent form. We believe that will soon change, thanks to a plethora of new technologies on the horizon, and are preparing to embrace the future by working together with these new players in the business.

It’s with that in mind that we’ve decided to partner with DECENT. They’re building a decentralized network for media content publishers, designed to prevent censorship, protect intellectual property and cut out the middle man. Using blockchain technology, it could become the Bitcoin of article distribution, including Bitcoin news.

DECENT is based on Tribler, an open source file sharing program backwards-compatible with the BitTorrent protocol. Computers running the client form a decentralized peer-to-peer network for multimedia distribution. Although it would currently still rely on the centralized communications network managed by internet server providers, no central server is required, and layered encryption between nodes can help safeguard privacy.

Tribler does this using torrents, which keep track of where files are stored in the network, AKA “seeders.” The problem for artists is that torrents cannot keep track of a work’s original author; anyone can make a new torrent file for an image, movie or song, and claim that they uploaded it, first. There is no ultimate record of torrent files.

DECENT is making some tweaks and adding blockchain technology to the package, although they’ve not yet stated which one. It notes who has uploaded content to the network and forever brands him or her as its owner. Media files on the network are encrypted, and if they are intended for sale, the keys are given only to those who’ve purchased them.

DECENT diagram

These transactions are conducted via DECENT’s native cryptocurrency, which has not yet been revealed. They will be initially sold by the DECENT foundation to recoup development and marketing costs; thereafter, they are mined via proof-of-stake. All transactions require a tiny fee (like Bitcoin’s), which–in addition to preventing spam–serves to reward people whose nodes store the encrypted files, which would be unusable to them.

As part of our partnership with DECENT, NewsBTC is committed to using this technology as soon as it becomes available. Written articles would be accessed via microtransactions, collecting a small tip from each reader. More in-depth technical analysis, webinars, and advanced products could also be made available for sale. NewsBTC will also cover the latest news about DECENT until and after its launch, making it an official partner and their crypto news outlet of choice.

NewsBTC hopes this partnership will push its brand and franchise to new heights, and cement its place as a premier information outlet. We look forward to its launch, and will update readers with more details about DECENT as soon as they become available. Their white paper is public (although still being edited), and an alpha version circulating internally.

mBit Casino is known to be among the earliest online gambling platforms to have accepted Bitcoin as a sole method of payment and withdrawals. The reputably licensed platform aims to bring people a restriction-free gambling service, where they can access hundreds of games without needing to submit any verification while depositing and withdrawing their funds. Moreover, mBit Casino believes in bring a real-time casino experience to even those players whose regional laws restrict them from betting online.

Attractive Bonus Plans

Even the first step into mBit Casino starts with a bonus. The platform rewards its new players by increasing their initial deposit by 110 percent with its special bonus plan. All a player has to do is register himself at, deposit Bitcoins into his new account, and contact the customer care to redeem his “First Deposit Bonus” plan.

mBit Casino also offers a special “Second Deposit Bonus” plan, where players are given a 50% extra deposit on their second credit. Upon redeeming both First and Second Deposit Bonus plans, players are also given a 25% extra on each of their additional deposits.

Divergent Gaming Options

In terms of diversity and fun, mBit Casino scores a perfect A+. The platform offers around 55 instant play games, each offering great intuitive and interactive designs and animations to engage players’ interest. As we believe, mBit has truly worked hard on making its games as real as they could. They never face slowdowns, remains interactive and promises a fun-filled experience for players.

In general, mBit Casino split games into four categories:

  • Video Poker
  • Video Slots
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack

Each category brings a diverse range of enjoyable 3D games, including poker, Aztec Treasures, Mad Scientist, Classic and Mini Blackjack, and many more.

Live Dealer

To ensure a real-time gaming experience, mBit has replaced the programmed dealers with actual humans. This might be the first Bitcoin-based online gambling platform that has brought a real person to deal players’ cards. It is the closest one can feel a real-life casino game.

Incredible VIP Rewards 

The more you play at mBit Casino, the closer it gets you to receiving VIP status. The platform offers mBit Loyalty points to its most consistent and loyal players. These VIPs also get access to mBit’s exclusive store. They also get to take part in a monthly lottery program that yields expensive prizes, such as Apple Macbook Pro, iPad Air 2, trip to Maldives, and others.


We strongly recommend mBit Casino for its excellent and intuitive gambling experience. The platform truly makes up for a brick-and-mortar casino through its fast and secure features. All games are fun-filled and leaves a pleasurable smirk on your face. It deserves to be experienced. Join in today.

The Digital currency evolution started with bitcoin in 2009, the year when it was first introduced. Bitcoin and other altcoins have since then become a very important part of the world’s economy. The popularity of bitcoin has made digital currency synonymous with finance and fintech sector.

However, the use of digital currency is not confined to fintech anymore. The blockchain technology powering bitcoin is an open source technology which can be used for a wide range of applications. Scientific research is one such area which has gained a lot of attention in the recent days. There are many crypto currencies developed for scientific applications till now, Gridcoin is one such scientific application specific crypto currency.

Gridcoin shares few similarities with FoldingCoin, a cryptocurrency that facilitates protein folding studies. Gridcoin is designed to work with University of California, Berkeley’s BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) protocol. Gridcoin is a math based digital currency that can be used to reward individuals for their contribution of processing power towards BOINC projects.

READ MORE: FoldingCoin, Where People Mine Protein Folding Structures

Gridcoin is a feature rich cryptocurrency with a strong, dedicated developer community who are responsible for upgrading and maintaining it. Unlike other digital currencies like bitcoin, Gridcoin follows the proof of stake consensus mechanism. In this mechanism, new Gridcoins are minted on a constant yearly compound interest. Also, the number of Gridcoins minted by any individual is proportional to that person’s stake in the community. Proof of BOINC is another feature where researcher’s contributions to individual projects on the platform is kept track of and calculated. Both Proof of BOINC and Proof of Stake are calculated together as Distributed Proof of Research and tracks the overall status of user interaction and contributions to scientific projects in terms of content and processing power which will help reward the individuals who contribute to BOINC.

Like FoldingCoin, Gridcoin can also be exchanged for other digital currencies on selected exchanges.


Bitcoin mining has become a costly affair. Unlike the initial days bitcoin mining now requires specialized hardware with lots of processing power, which has made individual mining highly uneconomical.

As we know, most of the bitcoin mining is carried out by big mining companies with dedicated data centres running high powered bitcoin mining application specific integrated circuits (ASICs). Few cloud mining companies like Hashnet and ZenMiner had earlier offered options of individual users to buy hashrate and gain returns, proportional to their contribution of processing power to the mining pool. However, this model has failed to catch people’s attention especially after few companies suddenly shut shop in the past.

Individual bitcoin enthusiasts don’t despair, as there is still hope for you to be involved in bitcoin mining (either directly or indirectly). BITMIN, is a bitcoin mining project initiated by Sathes Kumar, a Chennai, India based techie. The BITMIN project involves setting up a high powered bitcoin mining setup with the help of funds raised from individuals over a crowdfunding campaign.

According to press release and other available reports, the BITMIN pool mining initiative is different from other pool mining concepts in terms of investment and returns mode. Conventional bitcoin pool mining model involves miners receiving bitcoin returns depending up the amount of processing power they have contributed to the mining operation. However, with BITMIN, pool miners will be receiving returns in the form of mined bitcoin proportional to their monetary contribution for which they will receive shares.

BITMIN project is currently a two member team who have recently created a fundraising campaign over Indiegogo a well-known crowdfunding platform. BITMIN is looking to raise $50,000 in the first round of crowdfunding campaign. Money raised from this round will be used to build mining rig of 50 TH/s capacity. As it grows, they plan to increase capacity gradually.

According to the timeline available on BITMIN’s Indiegogo campaign page, initial BITMIN setup and testing phase is completed. We can expect BITMIN to hit full potential by the end of this year.

UpdateReports have surfaced that a segment of customers did not only receive a password reset notification on their emails, but also received the confirmation code and confirmation mail stating that their funds have been successfully transferred. It is still not clear which part of the system was compromised as the company has not made any information public yet.

According to few redditors, the company might have lost a portion or all of the bitcoins stored in its hot wallet due to the attack. The attack seems to be localized to Authy 2-factor authentication tool users. There are also reports that few users are still not able to access their account. However, the company seems to be handling the recent events pretty well. had temporarily halted its service for some time yesterday to investigate a glitch. The company is one of the leading online marketplace that connects allows users to use buy or sell gift cards for online ecommerce sites like Amazon and others using bitcoin.

The temporary suspension of services yesterday for some time came amid fear that the well-known bitcoin to gift card exchange service might have been compromised by a hacking attack or something worse. The issue started after users started reporting that they have received password reset notification for the account on their email. None of the users who received the password reset notification, never really authorized it.

The affected users came out on social media and reddit reporting the issue. The issue was acknowledged by and the company temporarily suspended funds transfer by securing all funds available on the platform until the issue was investigated. The service was restored to normalcy few hours ago.

In a blog post the company had announced that it has received complaints from users and as a safety precaution, secured all its funds before starting a thorough investigation. The blog post was later updated with an announcement about restoration of services.

Few users have reported that they have lost tiny fractions of bitcoin from their balance during the period. While we haven’t been able to verify these claims yet, has responded to each one, assuring the safety of their funds. was among the firsts to come up with a service that indirectly allowed users to pay with bitcoin for their purchases. makes it possible by allowing those with unused gift cards to exchange it for bitcoin and vice versa. Users can buy gift cards for huge discounts on platform in comparison to other platforms.

A bitcoin company based out of Saskatchewan is currently locked in a legal battle with the Financial and Consumers Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan. The defendant, Dominion Bitcoin Mining Company Limited was accused of violating the Securities act has in turn accused the investigator of breaching the company’s encrypted website to access confidential information which is later misinterpreted and used as the basis of currency securities hearing.

According to reports published by the Regina Leader Post, Dominion Bitcoin Mining Company Ltd. was accused of publicly promoting the sales of securities related the company without having proper registration and approval from the Financial and Consumers Affairs Authority. These allegations were brought forth by a securities investigator Harvey White last year. Harvey White has claimed that he found information on publicly accessible areas of the company’s website where Dominion Bitcoin Mining Company Ltd. had advertised that we are looking for shareholders who can invest in them.

Harvey White allegedly came across content on the company’s website which contained references to words like assets, purchasing shares, dividends and more. There were also references to shareholders receiving stakes in 10 different companies that are connected to Dominion Bitcoin Mining Company Limited on the webpage accessed by Harvey.

The allegations made by Harvey White was countered by Peter Voldeng, the chairman of Dominion Bitcoin Mining Ltd by accusing him of hacking into the company’s website to gain access to area of the website which was used as a drawing board by the company. the area in question required login credentials to access, which was effectively circumvented by Harvey White during his course of investigation in April last year. Peter Voldeng, who has been called as witness by both the parties also pointed out few alleged discrepancies in the documents produced by Harvey White as evidence. The evidence, which is a set of printouts taken from the website is said to have a same URL on each page which Peter Voldeng claims is not at all a valid link on Dominion’s website.

With both sides blaming each other of wrongdoings, the closing arguments have been scheduled for Tuesday, which might decide the outcome of the ongoing securities hearing.

In a recent article published on Bloomberg, former Wall Street executive Blythe Masters explains that she is particularly interested in the blockchain, the shared technology behind everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency bitcoin.

In the article, Masters explains that the blockchain has “a pretty long list of positive attributes,” and that it could potentially bring a whole new level of security to both Wall Street and other financial institutions.

This is nothing that cryptocurrency fans haven’t heard before. Companies such as computer giant IBM have long endorsed the blockchain, saying that it will change the future of business as we know it. The blockchain has certainly secured its popularity amongst those who know about it, so why aren’t more companies embracing all it has to offer? Is it possible that many businesses simply don’t know it exists?

Earlier, bitcoin was referred to as everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency. Among all virtual money currently in existence and use today, it can arguably be said that Bitcoin is the most well-known and has garnered more acceptance with purchasers and sellers alike, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is understood among the general public. Despite first coming to fruition in 2008, many people admit that they still don’t comprehend bitcoin, much less understand what it is.

This is a disturbing fact for many reasons, and it could mean one of several things. First off, one has to question whether Bitcoin has been well advertised, or advertised enough for that matter. Almost a decade has gone by since its birth, and yet it hasn’t reached mainstream status. Bitcoin has obviously found an audience somewhere and has continued to promote itself to that audience alone, but this group is fairly limited. Any entrepreneur would likely mention that this is not necessarily the way to conduct business or solidify the legacy of a product. The goal should always be to gain customers and expand one’s market arena.

Another possibility may be that people simply don’t try hard enough to stay informed. Members of the public appear to be fairly with it when it comes to the latest I-phone or I-pad, but when it comes to deeper branches of our technological world, several of us stay in the dark.

This may also suggest a lack of need for bitcoin. People call and text every day with friends, family members and co-workers. Staying in touch is important for both business and social purposes, so we make sure always to remain in the “knowing” when it comes to what the latest phone has to offer. It’s likely that the majority of society still relies on traditional banking and more conventional methods to get them through daily life.

The same ideas can also apply to the blockchain. The technology behind could allow for a higher rate of transactions at a faster pace, and with more security in place, the necessity is certainly there. However, with many businesses still relying on wire transfers and similar means to ensure payments to their clients, it’s possible they just may not know enough about it.

Regardless, the true potential behind the blockchain has yet to be reached, but with digital advancements coming almost every day, those who already rely on it and seek its aid and guidance to propel business forward can trust its technological prowess to get the word out and convince others to join in the game.