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Quantum Computers May Arrive Much Sooner Than Expected No Comments

Computer Science is one of the rapidly advancing fields. The progression of Bitcoin mining hardware since the cryptocurrency's inception in 2009 is a good example. Now, the next giant leap for computing is stated to be Quantum Computing and it may soon become a reality, or at least that's what a leading science publication states. There have been instances in the past when people have expressed...

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Freewallet Ethereum Wallet Now Available for iOS Platform No Comments

Freewallet's Ethereum wallet is now available for Apple (NASDAQ : AAPL) iPhone users. The company known for its mobile first cryptocurrency wallet had its Ethereum wallet available only on Google (NASDAQ : GOOG -- listed as Alphabet Inc.) Play Store for Android-powered mobile phone users until now. Freewallet is a well-known developer with mobile wallets for four different digital currencies at...


NewsBTC Infographics Q1 2016 No Comments

Bitcoin is rallying at the moment with a price of $520 USD on Bitstamp, 3786 CNY on Huobi, and €465 via Kraken at the time of this writing. No one knows what's actually causing the surge accept there is heavy buying and strong volume coming from China. Will we see a repeat of 2013’s historic rise in the future? Q1 of 2016 was Prosperous! According to statistical reports and Crunchbase, B...


Bing Search Results Riddled With Fake Bitcoin Wallet Providers No Comments

When novice users are on the lookout for a proper Bitcoin wallet solution, search engines are the first tool they will wield. However, throughout the years, various fake wallet providers have made their way to the top of search results, and especially Bing seems to be a source of misinformation. Bing Search Results Are Questionable In the past two weeks, Bing search results have led users to two...

Google Searches for Bitcoin Surge by 157% No Comments

Bitcoin has had one its most interesting weeks since the beginning of 2015. The scandal of Craig Wright, Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s deployment of its own blockchain network, and Ukraine’s largest bank’s announcement of a Bitcoin-based commercial payments network have lured in a lot of attention to the cryptocurrency space. According to Google Trends, in fact, Google searches (keywor...

Internet of things Bitcoin

Intel Forays into Internet of Things 1 Comment

Internet of Things is the next in-thing. All electronic device manufacturing companies are eyeing the segment. Intel, Samsung, Google... you name it and they are gradually making inroads into the segment. Intel especially already has a lot riding on it. The semiconductor company is working hard to be the first on to get there. Intel's sense of urgency to dominate the Internet of Things segment ...

What Does Future Hold for Apple Pay?

What Does Future Hold for Apple Pay? 1 Comment

Apple recently announced that it is going to extend its Apple Pay service to United Kingdom. Apple Pay is a mobile wallet and payment system launched late last year. In spite of the usual Apple’s way of presenting things along with relevant technical components, enabling contactless and in app payments failed to meet the expectations after many retail chains and companies refused to adopt it. D...

coinbase internet association bitcoin lobbying clout

Coinbase Becomes the First Bitcoin Company to Join the IA No Comments

Coinbase has joined the ranks of Internet conglomerates Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Google and clasped hands with the Internet Association, or the IA. Based in Washington D.C., the IA was launched in 2012 and regulates Internet freedom and innovation, and Coinbase is now the first bitcoin company to enter into an agreement with the organization and have a “regulation say.” CEO of the Inter...

Android Suspends Mycelium from Google Playstore

Mycelium Gets Suspended; Bitcoin Wallet Removed from Google Play Store No Comments

Digital wallet provider Mycelium has had its popular bitcoin wallet suspended from the Google Play store following a violation of the Google Play content policy. Google informed the app administrators of the reason behind the suspension: “REASON FOR SUSPENSION:  Violation of the paid and free provision of the Content Policy and section 3.5 of the Developer Distribution Agreement.  Please ref...

Coinbase Logo Blue Center

Coinbase Gets its "App On" Through Google No Comments

Coinbase is probably set to become one of the biggest bitcoin companies in the digital industry.  After its recent launch of the Lunar Exchange, the first licensed bitcoin exchange in the U.S., the company is now joining hands with Internet search giant Google to launch a special support app through Google Now, the site’s mobile on-demand information service. Coinbase proudly announced the l...