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    American Express CEO: “Bitcoin is Going to be Important”

    CEO and chairman of American Express Kenneth Chenault let everyone know his feelings towards bitcoin and related digital currencies on Thursday at the New York Times DealBook conference in Manhattan, and in a surprising twist Chenault’s words were rather, well… Respectful… Bitcoin has garnered some angry and distrusting...

    Guest Author | December 13, 2014 | 4:02 pm
  • Florida Man's Argument Rejected in Bitcoin Case

    It seems that Florida and bitcoin are suddenly joined at the hip.  Madeira Beach has become the first municipality to accept the digital currency following a city council decision, and is hosting its Bitcoin Bowl pre-party in preparation for the real thing. Recently, however, Florida’s relationship with bitcoin...

    Guest Author | December 13, 2014 | 3:20 pm
  • Former Head at JPMorgan Joins the Bitcoin "Circle"

    Paul Camp, former global head and managing director at JPMorgan Chase has joined bitcoin consumer finance company Circle Internet Financial as the new corporate treasurer and CFO. Circle founder and CEO Jeremy Allaire expressed his confidence in Camp, saying: “Paul had grown up in that core payments infrastructure. ...

    Guest Author | December 12, 2014 | 1:47 pm
  • Ledger Introduces "Difficult to Hack" Bitcoin Wallet

    French startup Ledger has introduced a new multisig bitcoin wallet that they’re claiming is practically immune to hackings and malicious attacks. Known as the Ledger Wallet Nano, the device enforces an impenetrable chip or smartcard known as the Secure Element, which can also be found in items such as...

    Guest Author | December 12, 2014 | 12:59 pm
  • Bitcoin and Oil: The New, Digital "Power Couple"

    Bitreserve will soon allow its customers to make purchases with oil.  Bitoil, as it’s called, is being added to the organization’s platform as a commodity that users can invest in and spend with. Bitreserve recently stated in a blog post: “For the first time in history, oil will become a...

    Guest Author | December 11, 2014 | 2:10 pm
  • Friendly Hacker Returns Bitcoins to Blockchain Users

    It was recently reported that users had up to 250 bitcoins lost during a security lapse that took place during the early hours of Monday, December 8th.  The site took full responsibility for the situation on Twitter, announcing that they were at fault and would work towards...

    Guest Author | December 11, 2014 | 12:53 pm
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    Vogogo, QuadrigaCX and BitMEX Form a Bitcoin Partnership

    China and Canada are coming together over their mutual love of bitcoin.  Payment services program Vogogo has entered into a partnership with bitcoin exchanges QuadrigaCX and BitMEX, located in Vancouver and Hong Kong respectively. Vogogo CEO Geoff Gordon expressed joy over the newfound alliance, explaining: “Integrating cutting edge Crypto exchanges...

    Guest Author | December 10, 2014 | 1:24 pm
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    Bitcoin Takes a "Tax-Free" Trip to the Big Apple

    Digital currency enthusiasts might have a new reason to enjoy the Big Apple.  The state of New York has recently labeled bitcoin as “intangible property,” which means that any purchase or transaction made with bitcoin will not be subject to sales tax. In a recent memorandum, the New...

    Guest Author | December 10, 2014 | 12:24 pm
  • Blockchain Says Sorry: Offers to Give Back Lost Funds is apologizing to digital currency users who lost a total of 250 bitcoins following a security lapse that took place on Monday, December 8th, and the site is now working hard towards reimbursing any and all whose funds may have disappeared. Blockchain’s latest blog post states: “When...

    Guest Author | December 9, 2014 | 2:35 pm
  • Bitcoin Regulation: Is it Really Possible?

    Perhaps the biggest bitcoin-related question on everyone’s mind is, “Can bitcoin be regulated?” The argument has been going on for some time, and various experts suggest that the possibility of bitcoin regulation is not entirely unlikely.  After all, New York’s BitLicense proposal, which requires businesses delving into the...

    Guest Author | December 9, 2014 | 1:30 pm

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